HUUB Big Buoy
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A bigger more buoyant version of a pull buoy.


More companies to follow suit.


The most buoyant, most comfortable pull buoy we have used to date.

Huub has burst into the triathlon scene this year with their forward thinking wetsuits. And now they have expanded their forward thinking to other products such as swimskins, triathlon clothing, and swim accessories. All of which we will be reviewing in the near future.

We were intrigued when we first heard about the Huub Big Buoy and have now had some time to test it out in the pool.

Love it or hate it, if you are training for a wetsuit swim, a pull buoy is almost a required tool. It is about the only thing that can raise your lower body and simulate the same position your wetsuit gives you, or should give you.

The problem with traditional pull buoys is they do not offer enough flotation for larger people or people with horrible alignment or both. Most standard pull buoys offer 17 Newtons of floatation. Well, the Huub Big Buoy doubles that and offers 34 Newtons. (The newton is the SI unit of force; it is equal to the amount of net force required to accelerate a mass of one kilogram at a rate of one meter per second squared.) Makes perfect sense now. Basically, the more Newtons, the more floatation.

A view of the Big Buoy side by side with some other buoys.

The leg cutouts and overall shape of the Big Buoy make it very comfortable to swim with.

Price Range
A little on the high side for pull bouys at $30, but hey, its bigger!

TriBomb Bottom Line
You will only find the Big Buoy between our legs! That's what she said.

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