Sportquest Carbo Pro
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A high grade maltodextrin product that has fueled endurance athletes for years.


Option to purchase larger quantities as discounted prices.


An excellent choice for easily digestible and quick absorbing caloric content in your bottles.

Detailed Review

Carbo Pro is manufactured by PowerGen Drinks otherwise known as SportQuest Inc. Carbo Pro has been a player in the nutrition supplement game for quite some time. Granted, there are a few products that manage to hang around a long time that really suck, but typically only the good ones stand the test of time. This is definitely one of the good ones.

First, before any experts out there start correcting us, we do realize that Carbo Pro is maltodextrin. We know that you can buy maltodextrin online from brewing companies and such in bulk for much cheaper prices. The important fact here is that there are many different qualities of maltodextrin. Now, have we tested Carbo Pro in a lab to make sure it is a high grade maltodextrin, uh... No. That is a tad outside of our budget (which happens to be zero). Our reviews are based on our tests in the real world during real training and real races. And from those tests, we think this is a good quality maltodextrin that does what the company says the product is supposed to do.

Now the process that SportQuest uses to create a high grade maltodextrin is way over our heads. If you want to know more about polymerization, agglomeration, osmotic balance, etc, there is some interesting reading here.

What we can tell you is that Carbo Pro is basically tasteless when mixed with water and other drinks. If you are mixing a concentrated bottle of 3 or more scoops (336 calories), then you can taste a light sweetness. The calories you will be taking in from Carbo Pro will be 100% complex carbohydrates in a form of sugar that is quickly absorbed. However, we have found that the body absorbs maltodextrin properly at reasonable intensities, such as the bike portion of an Ironman, or possibly a 70.3 event. If your intensity is going to be quite high, we recommend switching to something with more dextrose and sucrose based sugars.

Below is nutritional information for Carbo Pro:

Note: It is simply sugar, so you will need to mix in an electrolyte drink or have some type of other sodium supplement.

We understand nutritional products are completely specific to the individual. But, having tried many, many products in our search for the perfect fuel, this has proved to be the best so far. We have not experienced any gastric distress, which is one of the more common problems with these products. It is tasteless and works perfectly to mix in electrolyte drinks. Our favorite is to combine Carbo Pro (you choose how much depending on your caloric needs) with First Endurance EFS (specifically Grape flavor), which yields a very tasty and beneficial drink.

Price Range
Carbo Pro is at the low end for endurance fuels, but at the high end for maltodextrin. You will have to decide if you trust the sources of the cheaper maltodextrin.

TriBomb Bottom Line
If you need a dependable caloric source for multi-hour bottles, this one gets the TB nod of approval.


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