Specialized Body Geometry Element Wiretap Glove
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Windblock gloves designed to work with touch screen devices.


A tad more of the "wiretap" technology in the thumb area.


A great all around glove regardless of the touch screen capability.

This review is long overdue as we are approaching our 2nd winter with the Specialized Body Geometry Element Wiretap glove (long name). But hey, a long term test is the best criteria for a good review.

When creating the Body Geometry Element Wiretap gloves, Specialized designed a really nice pair of gloves with the added feature of "touch screen capability". They definitely are not condoning using your touchscreen while pedaling down the road. But, when you do stop to answer that call, respond to that text or post on facebook/twitter how long you worked out, you won't have to remove gloves. If you don't know, touchscreen devices will not recognize the touch from gloves without this type of technology.

Let's take a look at some of the features of the gloves.

The gloves offer a GORE Windstopper upper.

A nice touch by adding the reflective areas on the outer two fingers of the gloves. Always good to be seen!

The palm of the glove is made of a water resistant Hydrophobic Ax suede that stretches nicely (and collects a little dirt). It also features Body Geometry special placed padding designed to reduce hand numbness by relieving pressure from the ulnar nerve.

The magic Wiretap technology in the forefinger and the thumb for using those touch screen devices we can't live without.

The Wiretap material in the thumb.

The gloves have a thin cuff that fits snug on your wrist. This is nice to keep the cold air out and also makes the gloves easy to pull on and off.

Pre-stretched to accommodate the gesture for drivers that get too close.

The inside of the gloves have minimal seams. But regardless of the seams, they are very soft and comfortable.

Inside view of the palm of the gloves.

The sizing is spot on. It's always nice when a company goes the extra mile to provide detailed sizing measurements for items as small as gloves. Below are the charts and measuring guide.

As we stated earlier, we have been using the gloves for a long time now. They are among some of the nicest gloves we have had the pleasure of wearing. They are great for riding and even running. If it drops below freezing, we would say go with a heavier glove if you are inclined to ride in the those temps, but for everything else, this is an all around great glove.

The Wiretap technology works great for minimal interaction with your touchscreen device. You don't want to compose an email, but you can easily answer incoming calls and dial numbers. Texting is a little more difficult since the keys on the screen are so small, but can be done. We do wish there was a tad more of the material in the thumb as that is what we use to answer/unlock the iPhone.

With over 12 months of use and abuse on our gloves, we have seen no sign of wear. All of the seams have held together well and the exterior looks like new (as long as you keep them clean).

TriBomb Bottom Line
We would rank them as one of the best all around gloves even without the Wiretap technology.

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