Finis Strapless Agility Paddles
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A paddle without the straps.


Additional sizes of XL and XXL.


An intuitive and simple way of teaching the swimmer correct hand position.

Detailed Review

We confess, we are BIG proponents of doing work in the pool with paddles. So, when Finis announced their new strapless Agility paddles, we were more than intrigued to try to swim with paddles sans the surgical tubing mess.

Rather than trying to explain what Finis wanted to accomplish with this paddle, we will just show your their marketing graphic, which does a pretty good job at pointing out the features of the paddles.

The biggest takeaway here is the "palm positive" feature. It's actually pretty self explanatory. Since the paddles do not have straps securing them to your hand, if at any time you are not applying pressure from the palms, they will fall off. We won't claim to be the best swimmers, but we are proud to say that we never had any "palm negative" experiences with these.

As you can see above, the paddle has a nice, contour shape. We found them to be very comfortable and to fit our hands very well.

We did have a little concern for the "fat fingers" out there. The thumb hole worked fine for us, but for larger people, it could be a tad small. See measurement below.

Finis was gracious enough to label R/L, so that you don't put them on the wrong hand.

Since the paddles were announced, Finis is now offering them in 3 sizes. We think this is a nice option, but would prefer to see a few larger options as well for those who have the shoulder strength to apply more force without risking injury.

Just to verify, our size M paddles measured out exactly as they should.

Overall, this paddle does mostly what it claims to do. It teaches, or more so, forces you to keep pressure on your palm throughout your stroke. But, we would be cautious to use this as your only paddle as it could take away focus from using your forearm during the pull phase if you are only focusing on your palm pressure.

Price Range
With an MSRP of $19.99, they are right in line with most specialty paddles.

TriBomb Bottom Line
A good choice to improve certain aspects of your stroke, but make sure it is not your only paddle.

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