Christmas Wish List #3
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It's that time of year again, time for our version of a Christmas wish list. Some are new products and some are products we've used that have become staff favorites. So whether you are looking for gift ideas for a deserving triathlete, or you are one, these products are all things we would like to see under our tree.

Wish List #3

Nineteen Rogue

The wetsuit we spent all season in. Don’t underestimate this offering from Nineteen, it deserves some serious consideration for your next wetsuit purchase. Areas of very thin, extremely flexible rubber in key areas combine with far less flexible, more buoyant stability panels to give you a very well balanced suit. The Rogue does an excellent job of addressing the tendencies and challenges that the typical triathlete faces when it’s time to hit the water. Check out our review here.


Specialized TriVent

The Trivent changed the tri-specific shoe game as we know it...or knew it. The drawbridge heel and single Boa retention dial make it a snap to get the fit dialed in. A quick pull up on the Boa dial at T2 and the entire heel releases its grip on your foot. This is the first shoe that truly allows you effortless entry and exit. A feature packed shoe, heavy on comfort and light on the scale, make this our go to shoe at TriBomb. Check out our review here.


Alter-G Treadmill

If the thought of running on a treadmill makes you want to slap someone, check out the Alter-G treadmill. Chances are you won't be shelling out the bucks to buy one of these bad boys for your house, but there are plenty of facilities that rent time on the Alter-G. It allows the athlete to run at an adjusted body weight in 1% increments all the way down to an 80% decrease in body weight. It doesn't take a genius to figure out that this is the ultimate tool that allows injured athletes to keep their fitness up. If you do end up with one of these under your tree, hit us up, we will be your new best friend.


Normatec MVP

Take your recovery compression to the next level. The NormaTec MVP Pro has multi-chambered boots that inflate in small sections with massaging compression flushing the legs of waste and encouraging blood flow for improved circulation and faster recovery. A new lesser priced model will put Normatec within reach of many more triathletes. See our review here.


Spy Optics Rivet

The latest ‘Spyware’ to infiltrate TriBomb, the Spy Optics Rivet, is just one example of the boat load of cool shades this company offers. From goggles to golfers Spy has eyewear fit for any activity under the sun.


Betty Designs

Tired of blending in? Check out Betty Designs for a fresh look, with some of the most creative designs we’ve come across. Get with Betty for triathlon or cycling gear and accessories that will no doubt turn a few heads, these designs are anything but boring. Choose from stock designs, or go all out with a one off custom design. And don’t let the name fool you there’s something for us fellas too.