Christmas Wish List #4
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It's that time of year again, time for our version of a Christmas wish list. Some are new products and some are products we've used that have become staff favorites. So whether you are looking for gift ideas for a deserving triathlete, or you are one, these products are all things we would like to see under our tree.

Wish List #4

Aquasphere Energize

The Aqua Sphere Energize SpeedSuit combines 15 mmHg compression and hydrophobic materials to help your body slice through the water like never before. Strategically placed compression panels are designed to stabilize core while maintaining flexibility and comfort. Check out our review here.


BMC Time Machine TM01

Another super bike any triathlete who has managed to stay off the naughty list would appreciate. Loads of integration, Di2 ready, and everything tucked away from the the wind. If you can’t PR the bike course on this thing, you will at least look good trying.


Saucony Amp Pro 2

Saucony has re-designed their existing Amp Pro2 line. This apparel utilizes the latest high tech fabric, known as Celiant. Celliant textile technology has been clinically proven to help with circulation, which in turn helps with a whole slew of body related functions while training. The Amp Pro2 line features a wide range of compression apparel for about any activity.


Lezyne Super Drive XL

You will see Lezyne several times throughout our "Wish Lists" for the simple reason that they make superior, high quality products. One of these is the Super Drive XL. This 140g CNC machined light features a super bright 500 lumens and an easily replaceable Li-ion battery. If you need a little help lighting up your ride, this light is definitely worth checking out.


As the Crow Flies

The new book from 3 time world champion Craig ‘Crowie’ Alexander. Get backstage access into the life and times of one the best endurance athletes ever. This is more of a photobiography with hundreds of pictures and candid comments from the champ.


110% Overdrive Compression

Compression socks on the rocks? Well...sort of, the new 110% Overdrive Kit comes with a pair of 110% Compression Sox, plus a pair of the new compression ice sleeves, and reusable ice packs. Just slip the ice sleeves over the compression sox, and you have a place to hold the ice packs in just the right places. Compression + ice = no more sore leg excuses.