Christmas Wish List #5
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It's that time of year again, time for our version of a Christmas wish list. Some are new products and some are products we've used that have become staff favorites. So whether you are looking for gift ideas for a deserving triathlete, or you are one, these products are all things we would like to see under our tree.

Wish List #5

TYR Freak of Nature

The TYR Hurricane Freak of Nature (with a long name like that, it better be awesome) is the company’s flagship wetsuit. They threw away all limiters in wetsuit production and started from scratch. The suit is made of 100% Yamamoto 40C rubber and showcases a boatload of features such as elevation panels, core stabilization, speed wrap panelling, special ROM zones, and much more.


Lazer Wasp

The latest aero helmet offering from Lazer is the Wasp. This is a new design from the ground up. Besides promising to save 2-4 watts over all of the competitors, the helmet offers a slew of pretty cool features. The visor offers fore/aft adjustment so that you can control the airflow on hotter days without affecting aerodynamics. The tail section is completely removable for easy packing. There will also be different “tails” for different conditions (wind, heat, short event, etc). It also features Lazer’s AutoFit retention system which will ensure a snug, comfortable fit. It is scheduled for release in May 2013.


Saucony Virrata

A new shoe destined for TriBomb, the Saucony Virrata, is part of the Natural Series for Spring 2013. This zero offset, 6.5 oz shoe is designed to be extremely flexible for the runner looking for a natural running shoe with a good bit of cushion.


VES 5200

The VES 5200 boasts ten chambered boots and a super quick cycle time to have your legs feeling fresh and rested after they’ve taken a pounding. Compression is adjustable independently in each chamber and there’s a ton of user defined options to get the most customizable recovery possible. You can see our detailed review here.


Leg Lube

Leg Lube is the hands down TriBomb favorite shave gel for of all our man-scaping (or lady-scaping) duties. Leg Lube gives you a super close, extremely comfortable shave and all it leaves behind is nice clean scent. Plus it comes in a cool chain lube bottle. What’s not to love? It’s a surefire hit to toss in the stocking of any triathlete on your list. We reviewed it here.


Oakley Custom

We seriously doubt that anyone reading this doesn’t recognize the name Oakley, or the fact that they make some really badass sunglasses. However, you may not know about the custom process that is available for many of your favorite models. Pick your frame color, lens type, and various accents for a boat load of combinations that will make your shades...YOUR shades. For an extra custom touch you can even add laser etching to the lens, if Oakley approves. We’re guessing Motherf#$ker Jones is probably out of luck.