First Endurance EFS Liquid Shot
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A slightly more liquid version of a "gel" that ups the ante with a butt load of electrolytes.


A smaller single serving size option would be nice for those times when you just need the convenience of a traditionally packaged gel.


A versatile calorie source that will keep you going when the competition and the weather heats up.

Detailed Review

First Endurance EFS Liquid Shot is what we'd call new school thinking when it comes to endurance fueling. This "anti-gel" really is a whole different take on what we've all come to know as a gel in the first place. In fact, some of the things First Endurance has done with Liquid Shot will make you wonder "why the hell didn't anyone think of that until now?"

One of the things that really sucks about traditional gels is the gel consistency that makes a gel, well...a gel. Liquid Shot is not really a gel at all. In fact, there are no gelling agents in the formula. This makes sense to us because it's easier to drink and it's easier to digest, both of which are good things when you're in the middle of an intense effort. The consistency also allows Liquid Shot to be easily mixed in a water bottle for a more diluted solution if you choose to do so.

Liquid Shot is available in a 5oz reusable flask (so be sure to save them) or a 30oz refill. You can easily refill your favorite flask or reuse your Liquid Shot flasks if you like. The EFS flasks are also recyclable which is a nice touch from a "green" stand point. Each 5oz flask contains 400 calories along with a slew of electrolytes and amino acids. It's also Gluten Free. See the complete nutritional profile below.

EFS Liquid Shot comes in two flavors, vanilla and wild berry, and we like them both. Our favorite? Actually, we are a little divided on that topic, which is OK, they're both good. Both flavors are pretty mild and not overly sweet. You might want to have one flavor on the bike and switch it up for the run, sometimes a flavor change can be refreshing.

We think Liquid Shot is useful in any distance race. The combination of sugars, amino acids, and electrolytes works well in our experience. For shorter races Liquid Shot may be the only calorie source you need. Again, please don't show up with an entire box of gels taped to your top tube. If it's going to take that long you might consider a new sport. Plus, it's just not necessary there are much better options, even for long distance races.

For longer events our mix of choice is the combination of a maltodextrin based fuel like Carbo Pro mixed with EFS electrolyte drink mix. This should cover the bulk of you caloric requirements for the bike portion of a longer event. You can always supplement more calories with Liquid Shot or other calorie source when necessary. This combination has worked very well for us in the past.

As the race wears on, our experience shows that the maltodextrin based fuels can be a little too much to handle, especially when transitioning from the bike to the run. So, we like to have an extra EFS flask in T2 for the run. The bonus here is that you are also carrying around 1500mg of electrolytes, a fact you'll really appreciate in the hot stages of a race late in the day.

Price Range
EFS Liquid Shot is right in line with other similar products on a per oz basis.

TriBomb Bottom Line
Another home run for First Endurance in our opinion.


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