Christmas Wish List #10
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It's that time of year again, time for our version of a Christmas wish list. Some are new products and some are products we've used that have become staff favorites. So whether you are looking for gift ideas for a deserving triathlete, or you are one, these products are all things we would like to see under our tree.

Wish List #10

Foggle Wipes

A great stocking stuffer for any triathlete are Foggle wipes. These convenient wipes are individually wrapped and are the perfect size to throw in your swim bag or transition bag for race day. These wipes have performed very well in our testing in a variety of conditions and they also clean your lenses as well. You can check out our review here.


Profile Design Aeria

The Aeria is the all new, much anticipated flagship bar from Profile Design. The zero drop Aeria brings you a highly adjustable setup with the end user in mind, by keeping parts to a minimum, with some new, very clever integrated brackets, you get simple position adjustments and a minimal profile to maximize aerodynamics.


First Endurance EFS Drink

The TriBomb electrolyte drink mix of choice is EFS (Electrolyte Fuel System) from First Endurance. EFS contains a boatload of electrolytes for even the harshest of conditions, this mix has mild flavors and mixes easily even when doubling up on the serving size for a more concentrated mix. We’ve tested this mix in every imaginable condition and race distance and it has performed very well, plus we’ve found it to be easy on the stomach.


CEP Compression

CEP Compression socks are another one of those items that have become basically indispensable for the TriBomb crew. We are big fans of CEP and the compression gear that they produce. Whether you wear these socks before, during, or after training one thing’s for sure, you won’t want to take them off. Simply some of the best compression socks we’ve tried.


DZ Nuts

A high viscosity chamois cream that is designed to "Protect Your Junk". There's even a lady business version these days, we will just leave it at that...nuff said. Our favorite chamois cream around TriBomb is definitely DZNUTS. We like the not too greasy, not too tingly version of this concoction, plus we dig the convenience of the tube for dispensing.



Looking to add some bling to the toolbox? Lezyne’s line of shop tools are some of the nicest we’ve seen. Don’t let the good looks fool you though, these aren’t just some pretty boy tools. Lezyne has gone out of their way to make tools that are practical, well built, and durable for all the abuse you care to put them through.