Newton Running 2013 Spring Line Up
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Newton 2013 Spring Line Up

Newton has a lot of color changes as well as a few minor tweaks and adjustments for their 2013 spring line up. We give you a sneak peak now at the new line that will be debuting January 15, 2013.

Distance Lightweight Performance Trainers
Our Distance line offers lightweight performance products crafted for fast-paced running. Because the lightweight neutral performance trainers are designed for speed, more-efficient runners will enjoy it for both regular everyday training and racing. These models are also a great choice for runners seeking a shoe for short- or mid-distance racing and weekly speed workouts. The Distance Lightweight Universal Performance Trainers for women and the Distance Lightweight Stability Performance Trainers for men both offer all the benefits of the Distance Neutral Performance Trainers with a bit of added support.

Distance Lightweight Neutral Women's

Distance Lightweight Neutral Men's

Distance Lightweight Universal Women's

Distance Lightweight Stability Men's

Gravity Neutral Performance Trainers
Our Gravity Neutral Performance Trainer is for runners wanting a daily training shoe that can also function brilliantly as a faster tempo-pace run or race shoe. More supportive and structured than our lightweight performance trainer line, the Gravity is a great everyday trainer for runners who may like to turn up the speed now and again during tempo or fast-paced runs and intervals.

Gravity Neutral Men's

Gravity Neutral Women's

Motion Stability Performance Trainers
Our Motion Stability Performance Trainers offer the same functionality and support as the Gravity Neutral Performance Trainers with the addition of medial posting to offset pronation.

Motion Stability Women's

Motion Stability Men's

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