Brooks Pure Drift
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First Look

The Brooks PureDrift is a new addition to the PureProject line and the latest shoe to land at the TriBomb shop. Building on the successful PureProject line, the PureDrift is the most minimal design yet.

The PureDrift holds true to the PureProject line, and you'll notice many familiar elements with the new shoe. The original PureProject incorporated 5 basic elements across the entire line (which we'll look at later). The main idea is what Brooks calls IDEAL alignment, they looked at aligning the runner so that ligaments, tendons, muscles, and joints are more naturally aligned, especially at impact during the foot strike.


The PureDrift takes this whole concept to the extreme in the most stripped down, lightest weight package yet. The PureDrift tips the scale (hardly) at a whopping 5.6 oz, our size 12.5 sample registered 7.5 oz including the removable sockliner, so stupid light, regardless of size. This model will give the runner looking for that ‘barely there' experience a place to feel right at home.

The PureDrift fits the mold of the PureProject line and we'll look at some of those details.

Ideal Heel- Basically a slimmed down heel designed to move things forward and promote a more mid to forefoot style of running, as well as giving the runner a better center of gravity. As you can see in the picture below the heel is slimmed down and rounded off quite a bit.

Toe Flex- A feature we've seen several versions of within the PureProject line. The PureDrift does you one better in that department, this shoe has a dual toe flex to allow for even more flexibility in the forefoot area.

This feature is also intended to give the runner a better feel for the road and a better push off during that phase of the run stride.

BioMoGo DNA- Another familiar term for those accustomed to Brooks Running. The name sounds very scientific for a running shoe, but it's actually fitting, Brooks has developed an environmentally friendly midsole. Brooks has gone “green” with their midsole, it takes less energy to produce and creates less waste. This midsole also incorporates less layers to give a better feel for the road and a responsive ride. Even though the BioMoGo compound is designed to degrade 50 times faster in a landfill than a traditional EVA midsole, we've found no inferiority in the road wear department.

Nav Band-a stretchy elastic band that helps lock the foot in place. We have enjoyed this feature for the most part in previous models. The PureDrift gets a pretty generous Nav Band to ensure you get a nice secure fit.

The Nav Band is designed to stretch across the top of the foot and wrap around it helping to anchor the foot inside the shoe.

Anatomical Last- The PureProject line has an anatomical last (or form) so that the shoe fits the foot better and follows it's natural shape. As you can see, the shoe sort of comes up to a point (the big toe) and tapers down from there following the natural shape of the foot.

You'll also notice that the laces flow in an asymmetrical pattern, again, to provide a more natural foot flowing fit.

Underneath the PureDrift you'll find an extremely flexible outsole.

The sole is made up of what looks like individual pods that are spaced apart to give certain areas of the shoe maximum flexibility.

Up close, you can see the voids in the outsole that allow for that extremely flexible ride.

Speaking of flexibility, the PureDrift allows for a little flexibility in the amount of drop, or offset, you can achieve. The removable sockliner, or insole, of the PureDrift allows you to go from a 4mm offset with it in place, or drop to a zero offset ride with it removed.

The upper of the PureDrift continues the minimalistic approach with a light and airy material and a one piece tongue.

Inside you'll find a smooth, seam free interior that should allow comfy surroundings for sock free feet. We'll be testing the bare foot friendliness of the shoe in our testing.

Testing is underway, and we'll have our final review and rating in the coming weeks.

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