CycleTEK Momentum1 Trainer
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A heavy duty, stable trainer.


An improved design on the quick release for easy removal and installation of the bike.


A good solid trainer that should last a long time.

We have logged some serious time using and abusing the Momentum1 trainer from CycleTEK. If you spend any significant amount of time riding indoors, then you surely know that not all trainers are created equal. We will go over the details of the Momentum1 to see how CycleTEK has tried to set themselves apart from the competition.

The resistance unit is filled with thermodynamically neutral silicone. CycleTEK uses secure seal technology to prevent the unit from leaking and offers a lifetime warranty against leakage. The silicone actually does a pretty good job at creating a quiet and smooth power resistance unit.

Next is the heavy duty flywheel. Actually, claimed as the largest flywheel in the industry. It weighs in at a hefty 7lbs.

While we are talking about big, this trainer also features a 60mm roller, which is once again, claimed to be the largest in the industry.

The roller tension is set by turning the spring loaded knob on the rear of the resistance unit.

A front view of the tension bolt.

You can adjust the legs for optimal height depending on the wheel size of your bike.

This trainer does hold your bike very securely once you get it tight and locked in. However, we found that when it was secure, the quick release was a little hard to operate and usually had to manually back off the tension using the knobs to remove the bike.

A view of the quick release side of the trainer.

The frame of the trainer is heavy duty and comes is a black matte powder coat finish. Not only is it heavy duty, but it also is a very stable trainer. It basically folds out at 2 different points (the front legs and the rear stabilizing legs), where most trainers just fold out with front legs. This gives it six points of contact on the floor which keeps it stable during the hardest efforts.

The 2 stage folding also allows for the trainer to fold up nicely for storage or travel.

This trainer functions very well and it appears as though it will last a very long time. If it doesn't, then you have the comfort of knowing it is backed by an Unconditional Lifetime Warranty from CycleTEK. The silicone filled resistance unit does offer a smooth and mostly quiet ride. We did find ourselves at times wishing for a little more resistance during those short, hard intervals, but this is sometimes hard to find with a fluid type trainer.

As we mentioned above, we would like to see a little more fine tuning on the quick release mechanism, but that is just us being picky.

After putting this trainer to serious use, we feel like it fits in the high quality category. It has all the features you would expect, and then some.

Price Range
It falls right in line with other high quality trainers.

TriBomb Bottom Line
The Momentum1 should definitely be on your "list" in you are in the market for a top notch trainer.

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