Lezyne Travel Drive Floor Pump
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A high quality pump designed with travel in mind.


More manufacturers investing the same design/quality/thoughtfulness as Lezyne did on this pump.


You can't go wrong with this pump, even if you don't need it for travel.

If you haven't heard of of Lezyne, you will be glad you stumbled across this page. While we are only covering the Travel Drive floor pump in this review, you can visit their website to see that offer a wide range of high quality cycling tools, lights, and accessories.

We chose to review the Travel Drive floor pump because it is designed for something almost all triathletes face. Whether you are packing your bike in the trusty bike box or you are using one of the increasingly popular bike delivery services to get to your next race, you still need a pump, right? If your answer was No, then don't ask to borrow ours in transition before a race. Our reply will be a quick Hell No :)

Lezyne offers the Travel Drive pump in a CNC and a Steel version. We chose the CNC because it is lighter (that is all that matters, right?). However, the Steel is a little more affordable and includes all of the same features.

The first thing that comes to mind with a travel pump is obvious, the size and hopefully weight. The CNC Travel Drive is 50.8cm (20 in) x 19cm (7 1/2 in) with a weight of 1.85 lbs. This size makes it very easy to put in a normal size carry on bag or a tight fit in a bike box.

Even though this pump is designed with a small size and low weight in mind, it still has all of the capabilities of a full size pump, and probably a few more. The pump is constructed of full custom CNC machined aluminum, which makes it very durable.

We found that the foot piece provided plenty of room to control the stability the pump while applying high pressure.

Speaking of high pressure, the pump is designed with a Max of 160 psi | 11 bar, which is nicely displayed on the 1.5" gauge.

The "lay flat" design of the pump makes it very easy to pack and Lezyne tops it off with a felt lined canvas bag to protect the pump and whatever else you are packing it with.

You can see on the handle where the chuck screws into the handle to keep things secure while traveling.

They have designed this pump to work with about anything. There is a lot of functionality packed in the shiny gold piece (Flip Thread Chuck) below. It is made to easily work with Presta and Schrader valves. The little black button operates the Patented ABS (Air Bleed System). A nice way to release the pressure from the hose making it easier to remove from the valve. Without the traditional quick release, you have to screw this on the valve, which we actually found worked better as you don't have it leaking air.

As we said above, the pump will work with about anything. It also comes with a Speed Chuck adaptor that makes it compatible with disc wheels. (shown on the left) It also includes all of your other traditional pump accessories for inflatable toys and sports balls.

TriBomb Bottom Line
Our new "go-to" pump anytime we hit the road for a race. Full size pump capability in a compact, travel friendly design.

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