Betty Designs Signature Women's Kit
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A very nice kit with the bonus of quality graphic design.


The same Powerband™ type of closure that was used at the thigh to be incorporated into the sleeve.


Big time cycling kit from one of the smaller companies in the game. (our favorite type of product)

If you haven't heard of Betty Designs, we will give you a little run down on the company. It is owned and operated by freelance graphic designer (and pretty fast triathlete) Kristin Mayer. You can learn more about her here ( She designs all of the products which range from cycling apparel, to swimsuits, to tees, to hats, etc.

At the time we were asked to review the kit, they only had a women's kit available, so we had to bring in some outside assistance. We will cover the technical details of the kit and then give you our outside reviewers' expert opinion.

Jersey Try to ignore the bad ass graphics in the picture below and just focus on the specifics of the jersey.

It is made of a Ti-Ex fabric. (80% Nylon / 20% Spandex) We aren't sure what the hell that is, but according to our reviewer, it is super comfortable and moisture wicking.

It comes with the standard 3 rear pockets and elastic waist.

Raglan sleeve cut makes for a comfy fit.

The jersey is full-zip, which in our humble opinion, is the only way to go.

The zipper even has a little Betty Design detail.


The shorts seem to be on par with jersey as far as quality and comfort goes. They are designed with the OnzaPro cut. Once again, we have no clue what that is, but it is comfortable. The ExoComp material is actually a very high thread count compression fabric.

You can see the women's specific carbon pad which our reviewer thought was super comfortable right out of the package and didn't have that "diaper" feel to it.

The legs of the shorts use the Powerband leg closure.

And as you can see, no silicone, which is our preference.

All flat lock stitching on the inside makes for a very minimal chance of chafeage.

The inseam on the shorts is 7". Thoughts Our "helper" for this review is a fairly seasoned triathlete and we would say she has had experience with high quality cycling apparel. Basically, we think she knows what she is talking about. So, here is her word for word opinion of the kit.

Positives: -It's pretty!! There's a lot of ugly cycling gear for women out there, and in my expert opinion, everything Betty Designs makes is pretty

-It's comfortable. Jersey is cut just right. It's long enough to cover the top of the shorts, the sleeves are fitted perfectly, and personally I love full zip jerseys. The shorts are awesome - I hate actual "cycling" shorts because the chamois always feels like a diaper... this the first pair I've ever tried that actually works for me - and worked the very first ride, no "breaking in" needed. The wide elastic leg closure band is really nice - it cuts down on the "sausage link" appearance that tight cycling shorts often give women. Plus, no gross silicone.

-I also like that the fabric is lightweight enough that I could wear it in the summer around here and not overheat.

I liked it alot - I actually ordered a second Betty Design kit:)


TriBomb Bottom Line
Based on the quality of the kit and our reviewers glowing report of the comfort and cut of the lady's specific design, we feel confident in recommending it for the all the ladies or (Betty's) out there.

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