Ceepo Venom
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A TT bike designed for long course racing with a focus on comfort.


A cleaner front end as well as a stiffer rear triangle.


A lot of thought has gone into the design of this bike, but it needs some refining to compete amongst the top of the line triathlon bikes.

We are always pumped to get a new bike in the TriBomb shop to review. Our latest is the CEEPO CP Venom. CEEPO is an interesting company that was started in 2003 by a Japanese triathlete who was unsatisfied with his current choices of bikes. The company is one of the leaders in the Japan bike market and is trying hard to expand internationally.

So, now to the bike. Our test bike definitely didn't come with our dream setup, but hey, you can't get everything you want. It came with the Shimano 105 groupo and Vision basebar and extensions. There are obviously better choices if you are trying to lighten up this bike. (like the one pictured above)

The CP Venom frame is made of 100% 40T high-modulus carbon with a claimed weight of 1600g. It also features a full carbon fork with a claimed weight of 525g. As with all CEEPO bikes, it is designed based on triathlon geometry. (and just in case you didn't know, they paint it on the frame)

CEEPO has done something clever with the paint job on this bike that should help with getting fitted. Take a look at some of the pics below.

Here is the "Virtual Top Tube" markings.

As you can see, the lines connect down to the bottom of the massive (yet not very stiff) bottom bracket. They have also provided the 76 degrees measurement.

On the top tube, there is the BB Center marking. This is very convenient.

We are unsure of the value of this marking, but more than likely it is just to continue the theme of the paint job.

One thing we would like to see with this bike is a cleaner front end. With most higher end bikes going to hidden cables, it almost seems obsolete for a bike designed on aerodynamics to have a front end that looks like this.

A lot of this can be fixed with a better cabling job, but to be picky, we aren't fans of the exposed cables, or the side entry cables, for that matter.

A nice shot of the 105 front brake.

The rear brake is tucked away nicely under the bottom bracket.

A closer shot to see where the rear brake is mounted.

The full carbon fork looks really nice with the black and white paint job.

The same goes for the rear triangle.

Another thoughtful set of markings on the seatpost that make for easy adjustments and re-assembly after traveling.

Available sizes:
650c / S / M / L

The Ride
The CP Venom is a very comfortable and forgiving bike. We, unfortunately, have some of the roughest chip seal roads around and the bike seems to absorb those really well.

The bike handles well once you get up to a speed and stay there, which is the goal on most long course, flat races. But, when it comes to strong cross winds or technical turns, the bike is lacking control and stiffness in both the front and rear sections.

CEEPO is clear and upfront that they have designed the Venom for long course riding and comfort. In order to do this, they have significantly sacrificed stiffness in the rear triangle. This is obviously noticed when standing and applying force to the pedals, but also can even be felt in strong crosswinds with deep dish wheels. In our opinion, the stiffness issue needs to be addressed (that's what she said) for this to be a contender with the top of the line long course triathlon bikes.

Overall, we would say the ride quality of the CP Venom is good, as long as you have the right conditions.

TriBomb Bottom Line
The CP Venom is a comfortable, fast bike, but just be aware that it is best suited for specific conditions.

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