110% Overdrive Compression + Ice Kit
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A compression sock "kit" designed to work before, during, and after your workouts.


A little less padding on the heel and ball of foot area.


An excellent solution for travel and/or treating specific injuries.

110% has been in the largely growing compression game about as long as anyone. The 110% product lines take compression one step further by integrating their "ice packs" for recovery purposes. The latest product we were sent to review is the Overdrive Compression + Ice Kit.

The Overdrive Compression Kit was designed to make it easy to transition from your workout immediately to recovery. It includes the compression socks, ice sleeves, and the reuseable ice inserts.


The compression socks are in line with most high quality socks we have tested. They are 85% Nylon / 15% Spandex and feature a gradient compression of 15-22 mmHg.

These socks are anatomically designed and labeled for L/R. Just make sure you put the correct sock in the correct shoe if you plan on slipping these on during T2.

The top band of the sock is what they call "non-binding". Basically, it is like it is not there. Some socks have a little too much support in this area which can make an already difficult to put on sock, impossible to put on. Not to mention the unpleasant tourniquet action that this creates in some of the socks we've used. We were very pleased with the comfort this added.

It is a little difficult to see in the image below, the the socks do transition into a Flowmesh stitch pattern in the foot area for added ventilation.

A better view of the bottom of the sock.

Overall, we really like the socks. Our only complaint would be the padding in the heel and toe areas. This is actually listed as a feature for the sock, but we believe in the "less is better" philosophy in this area.

Ice Sleeves

The sleeves are intended to slip on after your workout or anytime you want to use the ice inserts. We think this is a great idea and makes it really simple if you need to ice an injury in this area.

There are some technical specs to the sleeves such as moisture wicking, arch support, etc, but mostly they are intended to hold the ice inserts. We do like the colors though!

They are also anatomically designed, so put them on the correct leg.

Ice Inserts

Lastly, are the 110% Ice Inserts which come with most of their products. These are the most convenient solution for icing we have found. They don't last quite as long as the old school ice packs, but they are much easier to position and form to the area you are wanting to ice.

We have been testing the Overdrive Compression Kit for quite a while now and have logged a LOT of running miles in them. The socks have held up very well and as we said earlier, rank up there with the best socks on the market.

Honestly, and thankfully, we haven't had to use the sleeves other than in testing the comfort and ice inserts, but they do exactly what they are supposed to do. Another nice thing about the sleeves is that you can easily use them with any other compression socks you may already have.

As far as using the kit as a whole, we aren't too keen on the idea of coming in after a sweaty workout and putting the sleeves over those nasty socks to apply ice. In our opinion, these would work better after a shower for recovery, as the socks would provide compression and the sleeves would allow for easy icing.

If you are putting in high mileage or do battle with injuries in the lower leg / foot area, these would be a good thing to have laying around as they provide an instant way to apply ice.

The sizing is pretty much spot on if you follow the instructions on the chart below.

TriBomb Bottom Line
A top notch set of compression socks, bundled into a kit, that makes a nice addition to your compression / recovery arsenal.

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