Zone 3 Neoprene Buoyancy Shorts
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Unique neoprene buoyancy shorts that are a great training tool and alternate to the old pull buoy.


It wouldn’t hurt to have the draw string be a different color for certain testing idiots to know it is there.


These shorts were great in helping perfect our swimming form, and they would make a great addition to every triathlete’s training bag.

We have been hearing about buoyancy shorts for the last several years, and we were excited to have a chance to test out a set from the company that first developed them. Sometimes it feels like there are so many things that you are trying to focus on while swimming, that it can be difficult to maintain proper body position. Swim training is great, but if you aren’t positioned properly in the first place, it can be a lot of wasted effort. These shorts take that problem away, and much like a pull buoy your legs are automatically put into the right position. The difference is that now you can kick, and know what it feels like for your legs and hips to be in the correct position. Then you can focus on the other umpteen things you have to think about while swimming.

The other thing that we noticed as an added benefit to using these shorts is that they also give you the feel of swimming in a wetsuit without having to actually be in one. Anyone who has swam in a wetsuit knows that open water wetsuit swimming is waaaaay different than pool swimming. These shorts allow you to simulate wetsuit swimming in a pool environment without having to look like Scuba Steve, or pass out from overheating while trying to log some.

Now for the one very small negative that we experienced during the first swim that we tried the shorts out on. When I tried them on they fit perfect even if my wife said that I looked slightly like a Kardashian. However, as soon as I went my first 25 and flipped turned my butt felt like it popped right out and there was a full moon in broad daylight at the pool that day. It wasn’t until I was changing that I discovered the drawstring. So in an effort to really idiotproof these shorts we would like to request a drawstring in some bright neon color :)

After several pool swims in our test pair the materials are solid and holding together well.

Price Range
A little pricey at $75, but considering the versatility of the shorts as a training tool we say do it.

TriBomb Bottom Line
The Zone3 Buoyancy Shorts, even though a little pricey, are well worth it by giving you a great long term training tool to help perfect your swim.

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