Xterra Velocity-M Speedsuit
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A WTC, USAT, and ITU legal speedsuit.


Perhaps something a little cooler in the graphics department for a few more style points. Otherwise, we can't find much to complain about.


A fast, flexible, lightweight speedsuit with features that should help you get through the swim portion of your next race a little faster.

Detailed Review

The Xterra Velocity-M Speedsuit is one of several speedsuit choices out there today. It is legal under the new speedsuit rules, meaning, among other things it is comprised completely of a textile material (no floatation here). The material itself is a stretchy, lightweight nylon composite material. It's very thin but also provides a good bit of compression. This material is also hydrophobic, which is basically a fancy way to say it repels water. This suit also has very few seams which should translate into less drag. The claimed weight of a men's size small is 85g.

When our suits showed up we thought they accidentally sent us a kids size by mistake, but seriously, the fit is snug to say the least. Getting the suit on is a little time consuming, similar to a wetsuit, take your time so you don't rip anything. Once you do get the suit on, it's a nice tight "race" fit. Which is helpful for gliding through the water as quickly as possible. The fit feels fast in the water especially since you don't have any pockets or loose clothing dragging behind you. The compressive fit of the suit also seems to help with body position/posture while swimming.

Getting out of the suit is a snap. Xterra gives us a zipper on the back that does not require any sort of lanyard or leash to get the zipper open. All that's necessary is to flip the zipper up and the suit will break-away from there. A feature you will really appreciate when trying to get out of T1 as fast as possible (side note: please no sitting on folding chairs or buckets) it is a race after all. No leash also means nothing to get pulled open during the full contact swimming we all experience at the start of a race. Plus after the suit is wet (you know from the swim) you can just flip the zipper up and it really slides right off with very little effort.

We feel the Velocity-M Speedsuit fits true to size. If you are borderline between sizes we recommend sizing down for the tightest race fit possible.

Here are the Sizing Charts (sorry, too complicated to add a screen shot here... you will need your full browser window)

A full two year warranty from the date of purchase. Xterra also has a 30 day exchange/return policy so you can be sure you get the right fit.

Price Range
Actually, on the lower end of speedsuits, provides a lot of bang for your buck.

TriBomb Bottom Line
A great speedsuit at an affordable price. It should definitely be on your short list if you are in the market for a speedsuit.


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