Panache Cyclewear Custom Jerseys
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A choice of 3 high quality jerseys, that take customization and detail to a whole new level of cool.


A slightly more pliable zipper track, along with more of a compression type band at the sleeve.


This is top notch cycling apparel made out of quality material that comes with the most detailed and creative graphic design in the custom industry.

Detailed Review

Rather than create a separate review for each jersey that Panache Cyclewear offers in their custom line up, we will be covering all 3 of the short sleeve options in this review. We have found that having 1 of each of the styles offers virtually year round comfort for your jersey needs.

Dolce Short Sleeve - H2TransportO fabric. The basic principle behind the design of this fabric is moving the moisture away from your body without having the sticky feeling of some garments. And it does just that. It is a great choice to throw on for any mild weather ride.

Dolce Superlight SS - NonCaldo fabric. The is an open weave, super light (hence the name) fabric that almost feels like you have nothing on. We have tested this for many 110+ degree F days (unfortunately) this year, and it is the absolute best choice for ridiculously high temps.

Dolce Winter SS - A combination of the H2TransportO fabric as well as a windproof fabric in the front. This innovation for a jersey makes it a very versatile choice. The windproof fabric really does the job in cooler temps even down in the mid 40s F. In most situations this jersey will eliminate the need for a wind vest.

We can easily combine this section for all jerseys. The fabric and construction of the jerseys (seams, etc) make them some of the most comfortable we have worn. If we have to be picky (and we usually do), it would be nice if the zippers were not quite as stiff and the band of the sleeves were more of a compression material. The jerseys all have 3 rear pockets that are average size. Since the jerseys are "race cut", the pockets can be a tad small to carry a bottle and such for long rides in the middle of no where.

One other cool feature is the YKK zipper. In the down position it is locked in place, but if you point it up it easily releases allowing you to quickly get more air on a hot climb...or just flash everyone.

We have clothing from Panache Cyclewear that is 3+ years old and still looks new. After many washes, the colors have stayed true and the stitching intact (no raveling to be found).

The Dolce jerseys are what we consider a "race cut", or in other words tight fitting. No need to throw down all that money on an aero super bike and have your jersey flopping in the wind like a sail. So, when they say Small, it is truly a Small.

Price Range
Panache Cyclewear custom jerseys are in line with top of the line custom apparel.

TriBomb Bottom Line
If your team/club/shop is looking for unrivaled design and quality in custom jerseys, Panache Cyclewear is a great choice.


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