Panache Cyclewear Custom Bib Shorts
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The choice of a hot weather or cold weather bib short that lives up to Panache's reputation of high quality and impeccable design.


A slightly longer inseam (they are not in the nut hugger category, but a little more length would be nice) as well as the silicone grippers replaced with a compression band type option. (which we hear might be in the works)


These custom bibs have one of the best chamois we have experienced coupled with top notch design work from the Panache Cyclewear custom team.

Detailed Review

Once again, we've combined the 2 options for custom bib shorts from Panache Cyclewear into one review. This is easy to do since they are similar in many ways.

Dolce Fleece - 220 weight Roubaix fleece. This material is perfect for those morning rides that start chilly and stay that way, or those cool days that could get a tad warm by the time your ride is finished. The breathability of the fleece make these very comfortable bibs at temps 40-60 degrees F.

Dolce Race - The perfect blend of nylon, lycra, and poly. These are some of the most comfortable bibs we have worn in warm temps. The air flow is amazing and it is easy to stay cool no matter how high the mercury rises.

This is something that is extremely hard to find in custom gear, especially bib shorts. Most companies don't invest in the chamois that their top of the line shorts contain. Panache is the outlier here. The chamois in their bibs has some fancy material names, but it should just be called paradise. 6+ hours in this thing, and you don't even know you have been sitting on a bike. The placement and the material used combined with the detail and research Panache has put into this chamois make it untouchable to the competition.

Another nice component of the bib shorts is the compression panels (Power Lycra) placed throughout. We are big believers in compression around this joint. And you'll notice the added support once you go for your first ride.

Now to our complaints, which are minor, but hey, we gotta let you know. The inseam seems fairly short (and maybe even shorter on the latest bibs). We are not asking for it to come down to our knees, but there is no need to be showing off the quads (wouldn't want to scare people before the ride... or make them laugh). Also, along the lines of the legs, we would really like the silicone gripper to go away. It does keeps the bibs snug, but there seems to be better options with the compression type bands around the bottom that do just as well at keeping the bib shorts in place.

We have clothing from Panache Cyclewear that is 3+ years old and still looks new. After many washes, the colors have stayed true as well as the stitching intact (no raveling to be found).

The Panache bibs are very true to size. In other words, if you are the slight bit concerned about a particular size being too small, definitely size up. Their sizing charts are below:

Price Range
Panache Cyclewear custom bibs are in line with top of the line custom apparel, however we can assure you that no other chamois meets the standards that Panache has set. (have we reiterated that enough yet?)

TriBomb Bottom Line
If your team/club/shop is looking for unrivaled design and comfort in custom bib shorts Panache Cyclewear is a great choice.


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