Zipp Ti Quick Release Skewer
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A sleek set of Titanium skewers that are light as a feather (ok...not quite) and aero to boot.


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A nice lightweight pair of skewers that are aero to the nth degree

Detailed Review

Like any product carrying the Zipp name on it, we just automatically expect that product to be well designed, aero, and light as hell. These skewers pretty much fit the Zipp MO as far as we are concerned.

So who cares about skewers enough to write a review about a set? Well...we do, and since most triathletes are pretty anal about what components are on their bikes we figure you do too.

If you haven't guessed it already these skewers are LIGHT. Around 55g is all the weight penalty you will pay when you install a set on your weapon of choice. In typical Zipp fashion, every last bit of unnecessary material has been removed. From the gun drilled levers on one end (picture a gun barrel...hollow inside, solid and strong on the outside) to the whittled down aero shaped nut on the other. How's that for information...see we're not just full of smart ass comments at TB.

We have been using these for our race day setup for parts of two seasons now with virtually nothing to complain about. The only thing that we had any problems with on this particular skewer is that the springs like to hang up on the threads a little, nothing major but we noticed it.

The Zipp QRs are some clamping fools, and they use a pretty traditional closure system with a cam lever and nicely finished brass lined cup They will grab on tight and not let go. You may find some random boutique brand (and we're not against boutique brands) that can claim a lighter weight but you won't find a set that's backed by a company with the experience and rep. of these skewers. We kinda like that experience especially when your bombing down a hill at 50 mph...crazy we know.

Price Range
No more than other quality Ti skewers.

TriBomb Bottom Line
Light is good, but strong and light is always better. These skewers offer the best of both worlds in an ultra slick little package.


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