Fuel Belt Revenge
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A comfortable, stylish (uh, if these things can be), and very functional hydration carrier.


People NOT wearing these at shorter events.


A great solution for long training runs when your only choice is to carry your hydration.

Detailed Review

We need to start off by admitting something. Yes, we have laughed at and made some very comical remarks about people sporting all types of hydration carriers whether it be on a belt or in a backpack.

It's just puzzling to think of people working so hard to get to "race weight" and loose those last few pounds so that they can be a lean, mean, racing machine. Then they leave out of T2 with 4lbs of water (or the fluid of their choice) strapped around their waist knowing that there will be aid stations every mile. Now, don't get us wrong, we do think there are a few special circumstances that would warrant racing with this fancy belt. For example, if you have found some magic voodoo juice that is the only thing that you feel comfortable with and it isn't served on course, then the Fuel Belt Revenge would be an excellent choice. (or if you are a pro and get paid to wear it.... just sayin)

Keep reading... we are not bashing this belt, we are just bashing its use during races.

The Fuel Belt Revenge is Fuel Belt's latest and greatest hydration belt. It comes in many configurations. 2 (R20), 3 (R30), and 4 (custom fit) bottle options all that include a little pouch for carrying small items. The R20 comes is an array of colors that range from "nice looking" to "Hey, I want attention, so I bought this color". Not really, the full color options are shown below:

A feature that Fuel Belt is very proud of is the one hand entry/exit of the bottles via their new molded holsters, although we think a few other companies already have a similar design. We can attest that it is very easy to get the bottles in and out, even on the R20 where holsters are at your back. And, if you own older Fuel Belt bottles, they will still fit in the new holster design.

One thing you want during any long training day is comfort. And this can be hard to find when you strap a belt carrying bottles full of fluid. They tend to bounce, move around, and just be uncomfortable. Now we will not go as far as saying the Fuel Belt Revenge feels like you have nothing on, but it actually does a very good job in the comfort area. It stays very snug compared to other belts and is easily adjustable to get the perfect amount of tension for a good fit.

As we stated above, we are not sold on racing with the Fuel Belt Revenge, but it is very functional for longish runs when your hydration choices are limited. By training with the Fuel Belt, you have the ability to train your body to be ready for taking in fluids every mile since you have it readily available.

The R20 and R30 are one size fits all. They have a Revenge custom fit option with a 2 or 4 bottle option. Those sizes are as follows:

Sizes: S (27"-29"), M (30"-32"), L (33"-35"), XL (36"-38")

Price Range
The Fuel Belt Revenge is priced in line with similar hydration contraptions.

TriBomb Bottom Line
The Fuel Belt Revenge can be an excellent choice for your long training runs, but you better have a good explanation for showing up at the races with this thing.


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