Feather Brakes
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A lightweight set of boutique brakes with some optional Blinged out accessory pieces.


A tad more braking power. A quick release for easier wheel swaps.


A nice set of aftermarket brakes with a high quality fit and finish plus available color kits that offer a nice customized touch.

Detailed Review

When we first learned of Feather Brakes the "reviews" we found were mixed at best. Since we really don't give a rip what other people think about products (or anything else for that matter) we decided to try them ourselves and form our own opinion...crazy we know.

Feather Brakes are light, maybe not stupid light, but pretty freaking light. They tip the scales at just below the 200g mark. In case your wondering that's about 100g lighter than the Shimano 7900 brake set. Feather uses mix of aluminum and titanium parts to achieve this lightweight and overall svelte design. There are definitely lighter brake sets out there, but we feel Feather has done a good job at combining a weight that's on the low end and performance that is on the high end.

Not too shabby in the weight department, but who cares about weight if you can't stop. We found the Feather Brakes stopping power to be good, so don't worry, you won't be Fred Flintstoning it out there. The brakes operation is smooth and responsive, they have a nice overall feel when you give them a pull. The brakes are easy to center when swapping wheelsets and ours have stayed centered very well. We have used these brakes for quite some time now and they have performed nicely for us.

We have raced and trained with the Feather Brakes over all sorts of terrain and in all kinds of weather and they have performed nicely for us. If there's one thing we would nitpick it would be the overall power that these brakes have, or the lack thereof. The brakes function fine, it just seems like they could be a bit stronger. Not sure if it's the single pivot design or just a general lack of "beefiness" due to the lightweight construction, but under seriously hard braking we feel there's a little to be desired. One other thing that might bother some people regarding these brakes is the absence of any type of quick release to open the brakes up for wheel swaps etc. It has not been an issue for us, but just so you know if your running some fat wheels it might cause you some grief.

The Feather Brakes have 4 different color options that allow you to add that little extra touch to your bike setup. There are two kits that allow you to add a little more color to your world. Option A has an adjuster nut and actuating arm.

Option B contains a set of brake pad carries and titanium hardware.

Price Range
Like most high end after market brakes...High!

TriBomb Bottom Line
A solid performer in our opinion. More than likely, an upgrade to your stock brake setup and a good way to shed some excess weight but it comes with a pretty hefty price tag.


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