Hammer Nutrition Gel
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A time tested nutritionally sound energy gel.


An option that contains electrolytes. More caffeinated flavor options.


A solid (not literally) maltodextrin based gel with umpteen different flavors to choose from.

Detailed Review

For those of you who think we are Hammer Haters based on other reviews we've done, we want to set the record straight we aren't haters of any company in general, but we get paid (oh yeah, we don't get paid jack) to tell you what we think about the products that we test. If something sucks, we tell you it sucks and (usually) why it sucks, in our opinion, at least.

We were a little harsh on Hammer in our last review, but we stand by it. Our goal is to provide you with real information based on training and racing with the products we test, whether it's popular or not. We refuse to sugar coat our reviews.

Like we said above, flavor options are not an issue with hammer gel. If you can't find a flavor that suits you in Hammer Gel there may not be a gel in existence for your pallet. Available flavors are: Apple Cinnamon, Banana, Chocolate, Espresso, Montana Huckleberry, Orange, Plain, Raspberry, Tropical, and Vanilla.. We have tried every flavor and most of them are pretty tasty. A couple of our favorites are Montana Huckleberry and Apple Cinnamon.

There are also a couple of flavors (cappuccino and tropical) that contain caffeine for those times when you need a little extra kick. We like the caffeine option, caffeine has been shown to help the performance of endurance athletes. The cappuccino flavor (which has the most caffeine) isn't the greatest tasting flavor in our opinion though, and yes, we are coffee drinkers.

One thing that we really appreciate with Hammer Gel is its simplicity. The gel is made with real fruit and there are no artificial colors or flavors, no protein, no magic fairy dust, and no other crazy concoctions in the mix. Hammer Gel also has very little sugar, and zero added refined sugars, so it's definitely more of a slow, consistent burner when it comes to fueling your energy needs. Hammer Gel is also Gluten Free. You'll find a complete nutrition label below.

We like Hammer Gel for those long training rides and other lower intensity type workouts. We think it's fine for the early stages of long races too. In general, for racing and higher intensity work we feel there are better options for your fueling needs especially late in the game when calories are difficult to absorb.

Price Range
Price is about the same as other energy gels.

TriBomb Bottom Line
One of our favorite Maltodextrin based gels.


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