Finish Line Super Bike Wash
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A biodegradable bike cleaner that is safe for all your bike's surfaces.


Someone actually doing the scrubbing for us.


A good all around bike cleaner that will not harm any of your precious components.

Detailed Review

At TriBomb we love a spotless, shiny, clean bike but we hate the actual cleaning and scrubbing part of getting it to look that way. So anything we can find to make that process a little less painful is well worth a mention here. We have found Finish Line Super Bike Wash to be just such a product plus it helps you get the job done a little quicker.

OK, so we know this may not be the most exciting review, but we like to pass along information about products that work for us. Finish Line Super Bike Wash is a crazy looking, pink colored liquid bike cleaner. We aren't sure exactly what's in the stuff, but it sure seems to work. A few things that are not in this product (which may be more important) there are no petroleum solvents, phosphates, benzenes, or napthas, so feel free to spray away.

Super Bike Wash is biodegradable and safe for your whole bike it won't hurt you clear coat or your carbon fiber, aluminum, and titanium components. You really can use this stuff from top to bottom when cleaning up your bike. It's not a soap or a detergent so it won't attract dirt to your bike after you use it. We haven't found much of anything that can't be cleaned with this stuff, including our hands after working on our bikes (yep, it's nontoxic in case you're wondering).

Bike wash comes in a trigger spray bottle (or large jug) that you can spray directly on your bike or on a soft dry cloth to wash away all those miles of grime, gel, sweat, or whatever else finds it's way on to your bike. The liquid sort of foams up a bit when you spray it and if you leave it alone and let it do its thing it will gently lift dirt and road grime etc. away from the bike where you can easily wipe it clean.

One of the main reasons we like this pink concoction is for cleaning our bar tape. We like white bar tape, we hate the way it looks after a few weeks of riding. This is some of the best cleaner we have found for making our bar tape actually look white again. Short of replacing the tape altogether this is the way to go to de-funk your tape. We wanted you to see what the de-funking looked like. Here's a couple of pics of some bars we've been riding dirty for a while now.

As you can see Super Bike Wash cuts through the grime and leaves things pretty clean after you're done. We like the fact that you can use it on any part of you bike and not have to worry about damaging anything in the process.

Super Bike wash also has rust and oxidation inhibitors built in to help protect metal parts from corrosion (hopefully you don't wait that long to wash your bike...just saying). This bike wash does seem to help make it a little easier to remove dirt and grime after you have used it a few times.

Price Range
Super Bike Wash is pretty inexpensive and a one liter bottle will be enough for several cleanings.

TriBomb Bottom Line
A safe and simple way to shine things up without using a lot of elbow grease.

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