Rudy Project Tri Suit
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Rudy Project's first entry into the tri suit market.


A longer inseam...a much longer inseam. Smaller back pockets...much smaller pockets. For Rudy Project to stick to what they know...Sweet lids and killer shades.


Uh...the colors are nice.

Detailed Review

We'll start off by saying we are big Rudy Project fans. The Wingspan helmet got the highest possible rating that we give. That being said, we are not fans of this suit. The one thing that we have committed to do with this site is to give you our honest opinion. We're not here to trash any company we just have to give a REAL review, or we might as well be like all the other sites out there that make every single product that they test sound like it's the best thing to hit the market. If this makes us be it. We will always give you our honest opinion about the products that we test. You may agree or disagree but we will always "keep it real" and give you the information that you actually want to know.

At TriBomb we like to do the majority of our racing in a tri suit. That being the case, we have worn a lot of different suits over the years and we know what we like (and dislike for that matter) in a tri suit. We were so looking forward to the arrival of this suit. The pictures on the Rudy site looked very promising. A simple, clean, black and white suit with nice looking Rudy Project graphics is what we expected...all good so far.

When our Rudy suit arrived we opened up the box to find the black and white suit we were expecting, but there were several things with this suit that are a big miss in our opinion.

Here's where the dream turned into a nightmare. This suit is short, I'm talking Daisy Duke short, probably the shortest inseam on a tri suit that we've ever seen. We have a strict no nut hugger policy here at TriBomb and this suit violates that policy like R. Kelly violates, get the picture. Seriously this suit makes us feel uncomfortable just thinking about it. I supposed if you're of the speedo wearing variety (and why would you be I mean no one wants to see all that) you might like the cut of this suit. Did I mention it's short?

Our second complaint is the rear pockets, they are huge, I'm talking cycling jersey huge. So if you aren't wearing a speedsuit or a wetsuit with this tri suit these pockets are going to be like giant parachutes in the water. I mean how much stuff do you really need to carry? On that note, the pockets are not only large, they are also not very tight against the rest of the suit. So whatever you do carry is going to be flopping around all over the place. We'd prefer to see a small single back pocket or two smaller pockets to each side of our back.

As far as sizing goes we feel like the Rudy Project suit fits pretty true to size. If your down with the short shorts, the rest of the suit fits pretty nice. The chamois is typical of triathlon suits, thin enough to provide a little protection but not so thick that you feel like you're running in a diaper. We realize that some of you may really dig this suit but it's definitely not for us.

Price Range
The suit is priced in the high range of other comparable options, although most of those options actually have a realistic inseam length.

TriBomb Bottom Line
Daisy Dukes...not how we roll


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