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A shampoo and conditioner that is manufactured specifically to prevent chlorine damage to your fro.


Someone to invent a pool that stays clean without all of the chemicals that create the need to use these products.


It's not a miracle solution, but it definitely helps defeat the broomstick effect of swimming in chlorine daily.

Detailed Review

We know, we know... another product targeted directly at triathletes with a higher price. However, this isn't the normal shampoo and conditioner you get at your local supermarket. SBR Sports, Inc (clever name, huh?), the parent company of TRISWIM has done their research for this specific product line. They actually have a body wash and lotion as well, but we will cover only the hair care products in this review.

So, we triathletes have a dilemma. We have to swim in order to race. Unless you have the pleasure of being able to swim in open water daily (even though our open water sources are '"iffy" these days), then you are forced to submerge your body in the dreaded chemical chlorine. Chlorine does a great job at killing the germs of others you are sharing the chemical pool with (that is gross to think about), but it also does a great job at drying out your skin, increasing risks of allergies, making you smell rank, and of course damaging your hair. TRISWIM shampoo and conditioner are designed to wash the chlorine out of your hair, better than regular shampoo, and also re-hydrate your hair to help it stay healthy (that sounds like a commercial).

We aren't going to go into detail here about lathering up and rinsing your hair, but we will talk about our experience with this product. We use this daily after swims and it does help with several things. It does help with the chlorine smell that is always so hard to wash away. The shampoo and conditioner both have a mild citrus scent, which is not overpowering, but does a great job at eliminating the chlorine smell. They do help somewhat with that rough, broom/straw hair feeling after repeated exposure to chlorine, but not completely. You can still tell we are swimmers if you try to run a brush through our hair.

One important thing to note is that a little of the shampoo and conditioner go a LONG way. So, it is up to you to sparingly use it so you can save a few bucks. It comes in 3 size options. You can get a 2 oz '"shot" (not sure of a reason to purchase this unless you want to just try it), an 8 oz flip top tube (which is great for carrying in your swim bag), and a giant 64 oz pump jug that works great to refill your 8 oz tube.

Price Range
TRISWIM is priced closely to salon specific shampoo and conditioner.

TriBomb Bottom Line
It's not just an over priced, re-branded product targeted at triathletes. It really does do what it claims and is worth having in your swim bag.


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