Moji ONE
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A cleverly designed wrap with a removable cell that can be used for heat or ice therapy.


How well the wrap holds up. Since this is basically our initial review, only time will tell. Everything appears to be well made and we don't anticipate any issues but we will update the review as one of our long term tests in the coming months.


So far...we are diggin' the Moji One in a big way.

Detailed Review

We weren't exactly sure what to expect when we first saw the Moji One, it had a strange sounding name and the pictures of it looked like just another “recovery” gimmick. Since we're always looking for something new to review at TriBomb, and we love recovery products we decided to give it a try. It's pretty rare that a product actually does what it claims to do, and even more rare that a product performs above our expectations (yes, we're picky and yes, we know it) but the Moji One seems to be one of those rare exceptions.

When the Moji One arrived at the TriBomb shop needless to say we were intrigued by it and we were shoving the cells in the freezer to get ‘em chillin as quickly as possible. The Moji One comes with a good set of instructions that show in detail how to properly don the wrap for various body parts. You can check those instructions out here:

Ok, we're guys, and instructions aren't our favorite reading materials either, but we recommend that you take some time and actually use the instructions with this product. It will be well worth your time to learn how the wrap is designed to be applied when using this system.

The Moji One looks like your basic ice pack from a distance. We think the beauty of this wrap is the wrap itself. What looks like an ordinary Velcro tabbed wrap is actually the most ingenious piece of the puzzle in our opinion. The wrap is what allows the Moji One to be so versatile. It can be used on a variety of body parts including:


The Moji One wrap has Velcro strips that hold the Fusion Cell in place when in use. When you're done the cell easily detaches from the wrap and you can throw it back in the freezer or nuke it in the microwave for the next round.

The Core
The heart of the Moji One is the Fusion Cell. It's basically the part that you can freeze or microwave depending on your need to chill things down or heat things up. The Fusion Cell is shaped in such a way that makes it extremely flexible for use on a variety of body parts. It conforms nicely to the various shapes necessary to get the heat or cold to the desired location.

Another aspect we really like about the Moji One is the compression that the Moji wrap provides. The material of the wrap stretches up to 200% so you can really get a nice compressive fit while using the Moji One for heat/ice. Even after the cell has thawed when icing or cooled when warming the compression you get with the Moji One feels good beyond just the temperature aspect.

The elasticity of the wrap holds the pack in place very well. Given the ability of the Moji to stretch like a Yoga master you can easily wear the wrap under your clothes without a big bulky mass for everyone to stare at. You can be recovering after you workout while you are running errands or grabbing a post workout coffee and no one will think twice about it. The Moji wrap is also lightweight, the whole system weighs less than a pound so you can easily carry on with normal activities while wearing it.

We have found that when icing you can easily move the wrap to various locations to get several areas iced before the cell thaws. If you plan on using it often for multiple areas we suggest you get the dual package or double cell package that can be purchased on the Moji website for significantly less than buying two individual wraps.

Price Range
Relatively expensive for a product in this category, but when you consider the versatility of the wrap and the fact that it should last you a long time we think it's worth it.

TriBomb Bottom Line
One of the best products we've seen for delivering heat/ice to multiple body parts, all tucked away into one convenient, clever package.

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