Rudy Project Sport Mask
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A super light pair of sunglasses that claim to be the perfect solution for riding in the aero position.


The glasses to be a little, or actually a lot, less fragile.


A great pair of sunglasses that allows excellent visibility and airflow while in the aero position.

Detailed Review

We all have our favorite pair of sunglasses. Well, some of us have multiple favorites, but they each have a specific use. Right? Well, that's exactly where the Rudy Project Sport Mask comes in. It is designed for a specific use. Sure, you can run in them, ride the road bike in them, walk around in them and look cool (well, that might be tough), but where these glasses truly shine is when you are tucked in the aero position. And even more specifically when paired with the Rudy Project Wingspan TT Helmet (which we reviewed here), we feel this pair is a winning combination.

If you have ever tried to wear framed sunglasses while in the aero position, then you've probably incurred the same problem that most do. When you tuck your head and roll your eyes up, all you see is the top frame. We have heard of a few that don't have this problem, but we fall into the majority that are affected by this hindrance.

The Sport Mask is Rudy Project's frameless solution. Although, Rudy Project put a little more thought into these glasses other than just making them frameless. The glasses have a "brow interface" that keeps the glasses spaced away from your face to allow airflow and prevent sweat on the lens. The brow interface does do an excellent job with the airflow and an "ok" job with the sweat issue. We don't know of any glasses that are completely sweat free.

Rudy also made these glasses a really good shape, as they wrap nicely around most faces. The ergonomic design is comfortable and also makes it easy to see without obstruction.

The Sport Mask tips the scales at .88 oz. Yep, less than one ounce. Don't get us wrong, we love saving weight wherever you can, but these could be "beefed" up a tad. If you search anywhere on the web, which truly the only place you should be looking is here, you will find numerous complaints of these glasses breaking. Well, we experienced the same problem. While simply cleaning the glasses one day, we apparently were holding them in the wrong position and they snapped completely in half. With that said, Rudy Project was great about getting us another pair and warrantying the broken set. But, this is still something you shouldn't have to be concerned with, especially the day before a race.

We all know Rudy Project wouldn't design a pair of glasses without taking style and light conditions into account. So, you can choose from 3 different color schemes with the option of 4 types of lenses all while having 6 choices of color kits. How's that for confusing?

Black Gloss / Racing Red

Titanium / Laser Black

White Pearl / Multilaser Blue

Lens Options

Color Kit Options

Price Range
Rudy Project's glasses are all fairly pricey, and the Sport Mask follows that trend, but there is also a very good chance you can take advantage of their never ending sales.

TriBomb Bottom Line
A comfortable, functional pair of glasses that work great in the aero position, but you must "handle with care".


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