Trico Sports Iron Case
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A bullet proof (well almost) case that is designed to put you at ease while traveling with or shipping your bike.


A version (like some of the newer brands) that fools the airline folks so we don't have to pay the ridiculous bike fee.


One of the most protective and functional bike travel cases on the market, even if it is old.

Detailed Review

A review on box that holds a bike! You know this is going to be interesting... Well, if you have ever had to ship, or fly with, your bike to a training camp or race, then you might want to read on.

The Trico Sports Iron Case has been around for (gulp) over 20 years, so this doesn't exactly fall under our reviews of "New" products. But, the fact that a product has survived for 20 years in this industry tells a story in itself. There have always been options for bike travel cases, but with the outrageous bike fees that airlines are enforcing lately, there seem to be several new and clever cases hitting the market designed specifically to avoid these fees. The Trico Sports Iron Case can not compete with these cases, but it does prove to be useful for many other circumstances.

Shape and Dimensions
The Iron Case uses a simple rectangular shape that many bike boxes follow, hence the slim chance of fooling the airlines. This shape makes it very easy to pack a road or TT bike. We have even had luck with newer bikes that have integrated stems and bars. Trico states that you can fit up to a 63cm road bike in their case. We can't vouch for that as we don't have any giants roaming about TriBomb, but this case is "roomy".

The dimensions above actually do more than just inform you of the size of the case. They also prove that the case meets the requirements of shipping companies such as Fed Ex, UPS, etc, which should be one less item you have to worry about if the situation ever arises.

The case is made of Polycarbonate Triconium (google was no help with finding out what this means). Regardless, it is a tough, thick, somewhat flexible material that creates a case that is durable, protective and light weight. Trico has also molded handles into this case which make it very easy to handle.

Another cool feature are the recessed wheels, which make it a breeze to roll through airports.

The case is easily secured shut by 7 adjustable, very sturdy straps. The case also includes a locking clasp that will insure your contents are safe.

Lastly, the case comes with 3 layers of thick foam. Ideally you would have the 1st layer of foam, then your bike, the 2nd layer of foam, then your wheels, and the 3rd layer of foam. Makes the perfect foam sandwich! All kidding aside, this seems to be the perfect amount of protection for your bike. Granted, we always use little pieces of foam on the frame to help prevent damage from parts that may move during transport.

As stated above, if you are looking to avoid the bike fee from the greedy airlines, this probably isn't the ideal case for you. However, if you can fly an airline that still offers a reasonable price (southwest, frontier) or you choose to ship your bike, this case is a great choice.

If you have ever witnessed the way these guys handle your packages (sorry, had to word it that way) or luggage, then you know you need a case that offers the ultimate protection. We have flown with this case all over the US and have also shipped the case as far as Kona with no problems or damage whatsoever.

Price Range
The Trico Sports Iron Case is fairly priced among other bike travel cases. The price is a small amount to pay when you consider what you are protecting on the inside.

TriBomb Bottom Line
An oldie, but goodie. A tried and true bike case that will keep your bike safe no matter where you travel.


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