Ninja Kitchen System 1200 Blender
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A badass beast of a blender.


Someone bringing us a smoothie right now.


A great blender for the smoothie obsessed crowd.

Detailed Review

So...This is not your typical TriBomb review, and no you didn't stumble upon the Home Shopping Network. It's not a swim, bike, run kind of thing but stick with us you may actually find it helpful. It's really not that big of a stretch to justify a blender review for a bunch of constantly hungry triathletes...Right? Some of us here at TriBomb are self diagnosed smoothie junkies. Whether it's a post workout recovery drink or just as a snack we love blending up a giant fruit filled smoothie (we gotta get our fix). We recently purchased a Ninja Kitchen System 1200 (yes, it's a stupid name) and it is one mean machine.

The system includes two pitchers (one normal, one giant sized) with blades and a few other attachments for chopping and mixing. There's even a dough mixing attachment but we haven't tried any of those attachments, we bought this thing for the sole purpose of cranking out smoothies.

The real story with this blender is the motor and the blades. Typical blenders have a single blade that sits down at the bottom of the pitcher and does basically nothing. This is a great system for blending the bottom 2" of your smoothie. You know the story, you get all your goodies loaded in there turn on the switch and nothing happens...frustrating. However, If you're like us and you jam pack the blender with a ton of ingredients you'll want to give this blender a closer look.

The big pitcher is giant sized, we're talking 72oz of pure blended awesomeness. This behemoth probably won't even fit under your kitchen cabinets. It's great for making a large batch of smoothie to share or for those times when you're just plain hostage hungry.

The base of the Ninja is powerful we're talking 1100 watts of power to Ninajify anything you throw in this thing. The Ninja has easily two or three times the power of many blenders you'll find on the shelves at your local store.

No, it's not a $500.00 Vitamix, but you could buy 3 Ninja's for the price of one Vitamix. We like the Ninja for blending, we don't recommend it for much else. It's not a juicer or a soup maker like the Vitamix, but it will chop the hell out of whatever you throw in this thing. It's an expert ice crusher and it has handled everything we've crammed into with no problem. Although we haven't tried it, we think this thing might even chop gravel into dust.

Price Range
Pretty high as blenders go, but so far we are happy with the purchase.

TriBomb Bottom Line
A great addition to the kitchen of any true smoothie aficionado.


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