TODI Original Shoe
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A cool pair of slip on recovery shoes.


A slightly less "beefy" design, while comfortable, the Todi is fairly heavy. The winter version (currently available for pre-order).


A TriBomb Thumbs Up.

Detailed Review

So, you've had a hard day training and you've beat your feet to oblivion. What are your options? Go home and put your feet up, get a nice foot massage, or (our most likely option) a comfy pair of recovery shoes. Enter the Todi Après (after) sport shoes (don't worry, we had to look it up too). We've covered some shoes in this category before and quite a few recovery products. We're all about anything that helps us recover or makes life more enjoyable after training and racing, so we were more than happy to give these shoes a try.

Our initial impressions of these shoes were, "wow these are heavy, klunky, and hard". At TriBomb we do our best to not be too quick to judge, which turns out to be a good thing with these shoes because we would have been way off. These shoes actually have a whole bunch of comfy built in to them.

CAUTION: Do not base the comfort of these shoes on a two second slip on, you'll miss out on the comfort of these shoes. When we first heard of the idea of these shoes conforming to your feet we were a little skeptical. The Physi-Form™ Insole sounds like marketing hype, but we have to admit this sole does conform to your foot over time. They really do get more comfortable once you get some miles on them.

The Todi Original also features a cork footbed (very similar to a Birkenstock). The firmness is supposedly healthier for the foot than some of the more cushioned options.

We really enjoy wearing these shoes to races and after training sessions, but they aren't limited to that use. We've worn these shoes all over, running errands, date night with the wives, and even to the office. They work with shorts or jeans, they're super casual but a little nicer looking than a flip-flop. Needless to say, these shoes have grown on us quite a bit.

The toe box of the Todi is wide by design which is a nice feature in a recovery shoe especially if your feet are a bit swollen after training/racing. However, if you have narrow feet the extra roominess of this shoe may cause you slop around in these a little, particularly when they are new.

The only real complaint we have with the Todi is on the scale...they are a little porky. Nothing major, they aren't bricks, but it's something worth mentioning. The bulk of the weight is just a by-product of the materials that the Todi Original uses. There's no super lightweight foam or "air channels" in this shoe (and we don't expect that there will be). That being said, the overall construction of the shoe appears to be quite good and we expect that they will last you a long time. This aspect of the Todi Original is something that we will have to update as one of our long term reviews once we have some serious wear time on them.

Size down if you fall between sizes.

Price Range
On par with a quality pair of athletic shoes.

TriBomb Bottom Line
These shoes Rock! Plus they're new so there's a good chance none of your friends have 'em yet...always a bonus.


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