Zoot CompressRX Socks
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A well built, comfortable compression sock that will last a lifetime.


It would be nice to have an option for a cushioned or non-cushioned version of the sock. Currently only the cushioned version is available. Color choices would be nice. Hey, if you are going to look like a dork, you might as well get to pick your color.


These are a great pair of socks to own whether you are doing a 24 mile run or just wearing them after a hard workout.

Detailed Review

We have used and abused these socks for well over a year, and they still look and feel like new. The manufacturer's warranty on the Zoot CompressRX products is one year, but we don't think that anyone will have to worry about that.

Zoot has chosen to offer 3 sizes in the Compress RX Socks (3,4,5), while some of the other CompressRX items have size ranges from (0,1,2,3,4,5). How is that for confusing? You can use the sizing chart below which is specifically for the socks. Zoot recommends you measure the listed body part unflexed at the largest area. You should take multiple measurements to make sure you have the largest area. (most guys should be good at this measuring technique)

All compression garments should have a mmHg measurement. mmHg is a mercury millimeter system for measuring compression force. The higher the number, the more compression you get. The Zoot CompressRX socks have 15-20 mmHg of graduated compression from the ankle to the top of the calf. The compression feels "just right" in these socks.

Zoot has put a lot of research into the RX compression line, even though it is "their" research. Regardless, you can read more about it here. We, at TriBomb, are not quite sold on the performance enhancement of compression garments, but we are definitely believers in the recovery aspect. So, you might not be faster on your long run by wearing these, but you will definitely feel better and more recovered for your next workout.

The Zoot CompressRX Socks are very comfortable. Zoot uses what they call EnduraRX fabric to promote moisture management and temperature regulation. We can tell you from running in temperatures ranging from 10 degrees F - 105 degrees F, these socks are well rounded. You can definitely feel the compression, but you will not be bothered by temperature or moisture. Our only complaint with these socks is the foot padding. Some people may love this, but for others that is just more of a chance for a blister or that uncomfortable feeling of having too much crammed in your shoe. It would be nice to have the option, as you do with most running socks, of choosing a padded or non-padded version.

Price Range
The Zoot CompressRX Socks fall right in line with most of the other sports specific compression socks. The quality and durability of these socks will be money well spent.

TriBomb Bottom Line
There are many choices for compression socks and the Zoot CompressRX is one that is at the top of our list. If you are bothered by padded foot soles in socks, this might not be the sock for you. Otherwise, it is a great choice!


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