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You get compression knickers with the optional calf sleeves that offer some of the tightest compression available and the ability to slide the included reusable ice packs into the pockets for added recovery.


We would like to see a slightly different, thinner material that offered greater comfort and range of motion. Also, it would be nice for the compression to be less intense in areas where it is not needed (such as the leg band).


We think this is an excellent product to lounge around in immediately after workouts and the included ice packs are an additional bonus. We don't think they are great to workout in or to wear under clothing in any sort of warmer temps.

Detailed Review

We have used these extensively over the past 7 months, which is 1 month past the manufacturer’s warranty, without any problems at all.  The compression seems to be just as tight as they were when new, which is not the case with all compression garments as some tend to loosen up as they are washed, worn, etc.  The only small thing we have noticed is some light “unraveling” around the seems, but it doesn’t seem to effect the compression of the garment.

All compression garments should have a mmHg measurement.  mmHg is a mercury millimeter system for measuring compression force. The higher the number, the more compression you get.  The mmHg for all 110% products ranges from 15 - 22 mmHg and each is graded so the mmHg varies for different sections (quads, knee, etc).  So, what does all of this mean?  Based on our “general feel” indicators, this is some of the tightest compression clothing we have tested.

We would say the sizing for these garments is fairly accurate. However, our opinion is the reason you order compression clothing is for compression.  So, we recommend ordering a size below the suggestion if you are truly looking for compression.  If you are looking for comfort along with some compression, then following the size chart is the way to go.

We have found these are perfect for wearing immediately after a workout if you plan to just chill out around the house or if you are sitting in the car on your way to an event that is less than 2 hours away.  If you have errands to run or are going to be traveling for over 2 hours, there are better options available.  The knickers do offer a nice option of being able to wear them under your casual shorts without looking like a complete dork.  Then, when no one is looking, you can put on the calf sleeves for full leg compression.  

Ice Packs
This is what sets 110% products apart from all other compression garments.  The ice packs basically come as paper thin sheets.  You simply run warm water over them and place them in the freezer.  This makes them very easy to travel with when thawed or unused.  The ice packs that come with the garments are made to slide into the strategically placed pockets.  When they are fully frozen we have found it can be slightly difficult to get them all the way into the pockets, but none the less, once in, they work great.

- The ice packs have a estimated life of 6 months, but you can order replacements
- They stay cold for around 2 hours

Below is a listing of the ice packs you get with each garment.  

- Shorts -  6 ice sheets
- Knicker - 6 ice sheets
- Calf/Shin (pair) - 4 ice sheets
- Knee sleeve (single) - 1 ice sheet/ 2 for pair

Price Range
110% garments are in the higher price range of compression garments, but you have to consider everything you are getting with the garment and ice packs.  We feel once you take everything into consideration that the products are fairly priced.

TriBomb Bottom Line
These are the perfect compression garments for certain situations such as immediately after workouts or traveling to short races.  The convenience of having the ability to use the ice packs is a great benefit for the busy athlete that doesn’t have time for ice baths.  If you are looking for an addition to your compression arsenal, these are a great choice!


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