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Quality cycling gear with an extra hit of bamboo (yes, bamboo) style.


More, actually lots more, in our closets.


Super comfortable, breathable cycling gear that holds it's own against the biggest names in cycling apparel.

Detailed Review

Well it's been a few weeks since we got our hands on some DannyShane cycling gear. We've had the opportunity to get some time in the saddle with it and decided it was time to give you our initial thoughts and impressions about this brand.

When the DannyShane cycling jerseys arrived at TriBomb our first impression was something like "damn, this is some nice stuff". Aside from some pretty cool designs, these jerseys are ridiculously soft. The actual materials that a company chooses to use in their clothing can certainly make or break the deal for us. Who cares how cool the design or the graphics are on the outside if the fit and feel sucks on the inside...Right? That's not the case with DannyShane, some pretty unique designs along with some killer comfort is what you can expect from this brand.

Obviously, if you read the first part of this review, one of the first things we noticed is the fabric of the DannyShane gear. A look at the tag of the Danny Shane Jerseys shows 50% bamboo white ash (this had us wondering...what the hell is that). Certainly not something you see on your typical cycling jersey tag. Since this fabric is a Danny Shane proprietary material we haven't be able to find out much about it. We can tell you that it's a bamboo-infused fabric, but how it's made, or what chemicals/processing are used to get it into a jersey will require a bit more research. We've contacted DannyShane for more information regarding the fabric.

At TriBomb we aren't ones to buy into a particular brand's claims or marketing hype and we don't just drink the "kool-aid" that they serve up. That being said, we also realize that many times the best source of information about a product is directly from the company who makes it. From there we do our best to dissect it and tell you what's legit and what's just hype.

The information below is from the DannyShane website and it is what they have to say about the benefits of the bamboo white ash material.

Bamboo white ash also provides cyclists with many comfort and performance benefits, including:
- Naturally wicks moisture rapidly to keep you dry (without any irritating chemicals)
- Captures odor (naturally anti-mocrobial)
- Provides thermal regulating benefits
- Fibers are durable and long-lasting
- Creates high breathability
- Provides natural UV protection
- Provides ultra soft comfort
- BWA is in every weave of fabric and does not wash out like competitors' chemical rinses

Since this is our initial review we can tell you that the fabric is super soft and that it seems to wick away moisture as good, or better than a typical jersey. The material has also proven to be very breathable, even for long durations in temps of 100+ F. Like other quality cycling jerseys the DannyShane jersey lineup also features a full length hidden zipper that is soft and flexible. Out back there are three nice tapered pockets with an additional zippered pocket to stash your small item(s) or a little cash that may need a more secure location.

The fit is true to size, but a race cut. If you like a loose fitting club type fit (which you shouldn't) or if you are a little "fluffy" you better size up. We like the cut of these jerseys, and there's definitely not a bunch of material flapping in the breeze as your flying down the road.

DannyShane didn't just stop with a nice jersey, the have completed the "kit" with one of the nicest pair of bib shorts we have ever slipped on (and we have had some of the top brands, if that says anything).

It seems that DannyShane put quite a bit of thought into the Shelby S1 Race Bib. They realized that they could not achieve the appropriate compression that is needed for high quality race bib with the bamboo material, so they found another environmentally friendly material that would do the job. The bibs use an Italian fabirc made of Lycra (10%) and 100% recycled nylon (90%). This fabric is some of the nicest and most comfortable we have ever worn.

There are several components that can make or break a pair of bibs, so let's go over them one by one.

The bibs use a Cytech Italian chamois 6 hour ride pad. We can tell you that this chamois would be comfortable for as long as you can stay on the bike. It meets, if not exceeds, the quality of the top of the line cycling brands. Sure, it's a tad uncomfortable while walking to the bike and you sure wouldn't want to do a transition run in these things, but once you are on the bike, you will fall in love with this chamois.

Bib Straps
The bib straps are something that you may pay little attention to if you ride with a base layer. However, when the temperatures are so high (which they seem to always be lately) that you need to leave the base layer at home, you will notice how the straps feel up against your skin. This is another detail that DannyShane has put quite a bit of thought into. While most of the industry uses a poly material, the DannyShane straps are made of a super soft, highly breathable nylon material that feels so good and natural you will forget about them.

Leg Grippers
This is one our "picky" things at TriBomb. We don't like the old school, rip your skin, leg grippers. Some companies are finally catching on and using a compression band in place of this. DannyShane did not go with a compression band, but whatever their proprietary "DannyShane premium pro gripper" is made out of, feels really nice. Once again, so nice that you don't even think about it once the bibs are on and you are riding.

The Shelby S1 Race Bib continues the "Race Fit" philosophy of the DannyShane product line. The recommendations below are directly from the DannyShane website, but we couldn't say it better ourselves. In order to achieve the proper fit and compression, we recommend following the guidelines below.

"For best performance conditions, the goal is excellent compression and the chamois pad not moving, so the DannyShane team recommends that you go a little tighter with your bib selection, remembering that the bib will loosen a bit when you begin riding and will contour itself to your body due to the special DS fabric. Also remember that it will feel a little awkward when walking due to the Cytech 6-hour chamois pad. It's for riding not walking, and you'll be really happy when you're riding. The comfort and performance will be more than noticeable!"

DannyShane Bib fit recommendations:
- Size Small - waist size 30
- Size Medium - waist 32 to 34
- Size Large - waist 34-36
- Size XL - waist 36-38

Still under review. So far, so good, the DannyShane gear seems to be very well constructed but we will update this category after we have some more miles in it.

Price Range
On the high side, but comparable to other high quality cycling clothing.

TriBomb Bottom Line
So far, we are digging this clothing in a big way. The quality and the fit are up there with some of the best in the cycling clothing category. The added bonus of environmentally conscious construction is icing on the cake.


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