CEP Compression Socks
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Compression socks from the authority in compression technology.


A slightly less padded option for more a "sockless" feel.


One of, if not the best compression sock we have tested.

Detailed Review

TriBomb's quest to find out if all compression socks are created equal continues.

CEP was into the compression game long before compression was cool. These days it seems like everyone has jumped on the compression bandwagon to make a quick buck. At TriBomb we're all about compression, whether it's for training or recovery purposes, we're sold on the compression concept.

With compression, the name of the game is to increase circulation, increased circulation brings more oxygen to the muscles, more oxygen to the muscles means better performance during activity and quicker recovery times after. As you can see from the charts, increased circulation is what you get with these socks. Increased circulation at rest as well as increased peak flow circulation. So, whether you are being active or at rest you get better circulation either way.

What really sets CEP apart from the newcomers in this segment is the experience that they bring to the table. How much? Try six decades of experience in the business of compression. This isn't a CEP advertisement by any means, so don't cut us off just yet, but we feel like it's important to tell you where a brand comes from. If you are wearing compression products for training and/or recovery you will probably want to wear a brand that actually knows something about compression products in the first place...Right?

We don't think you'll be able to find a brand that has more experience in this area than CEP. For those of you who don't know, the parent company of CEP is a company called Medi. It's not just a "medical" sounding name, Medi has been involved in medical compression therapy longer than many other brands have been in existence. So it makes sense, to us at least, that the folks over at CEP might just know a thing or two about compression for athletes as well.

Not Just Compression
Not just compression but medical grade compression. CEP is pretty adamant about the fact that all compression garments are not created equal. After wearing a number of different brands over the years we couldn't agree more. All compression garments should have a mmHg measurement. mmHg is a mercury millimeter system for measuring compression force. The higher the number, the more compression you get (more is not necessarily better, it's more about the right amount of force in the right places).

CEP's socks feature 23.5 mmHg at the ankle and 18 mmHg at the calf. The whole concept of graduated compression really makes quite a bit of sense if you look at why we wear compression products in the first place (no, it's not just to look super spiffy at the grocery store, or so everyone knows you are an uber cool triathlete).

Consistent graduated compression is what CEP is all about. CEP goes to great lengths to ensure that you have consistent graduated compression. What does that really mean? It means that the compression actually does what it's supposed to do. It's not just about a tight ass piece of material squeezing the bejesus out of you, but a controlled compression that encourages blood flow back to the heart. In a sock for example, if the compression is too tight at the calf and not tight enough at the ankle, the opposite (and completely undesirable) will take place. In other words, you'll have blood pooling in the leg, or at the very least, you will impede normal circulation, allowing lactic acid and less oxygenated blood to linger in the leg. In which case, you would probably be better off not wearing compression at all.

Unmatched in our opinion. Unlike some other compression socks/sleeves that cut off your circulation at the calf or make your toes feel like they're going to fall off. The CEP socks/sleeves provide comfortable compression no matter how long you've been wearing them.

CEP has a variety of compression socks/sleeves available for different activities. CEP makes compression socks that are sport specific so whether you are running, biking, or just recovering from the day's training there's a sock or a sleeve for you in a rainbow of colors to choose from.

CEP offers a variety of sizes to choose from, based mainly on your calf circumference. There's no one size fits all mentality here. If you are borderline on the size chart we recommend sizing down.

Temperature Concerns
Obviously, a sock will provide a little extra warmth on a cold day. The concern most people have is regarding unwanted heat during warm weather use.

The folks at CEP have conducted a heat generation study that you can read here.

Basically, it shows that a CEP sock when wet (from sweat or water from an aid station) produces a cooling effect. We feel other brands likely produce similar results, but it's available for your viewing pleasure if you so desire.

TriBomb Bottom Line
Yes, there are other brands in the compression game (some good some bad) ...simply put, we feel confident in the fact that CEP has the science behind the squeeze. If you own only one pair of compression socks or sleeves make sure they are CEPs.


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