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A comfortable medical ID bracelet with a new technological edge utilizing contactless payment.


More stores that can process contactless payment transactions.


A great product that is a little ahead of its time. (But, that is a good place to be considering how rapidly things change these days)

Detailed Review

VITAband was created by David Waxman and Jason Brown in 2007. The idea of a medical ID bracelet was not a "new" revolution, but they had a specific target in mind, and that was athletes. So, they set out to design a medical ID bracelet that was comfortable to wear while running, cycling, hiking, etc. Along with being versatile enough to use during exercise, they wanted to keep it "stylish" enough that you were comfortable wearing it everyday. It is the perfect accessory for your compression socks.

And, to set their product apart from others, they had the idea of integrating contactless payment technology into the band. So, what does that mean? It means no more sweaty dollar bills or no more getting to a store on a long ride or run without cash. However, this convenience can be bad thing if you are the only one of your training buddies with a VITAband. This means you always have money. So if you are going to sport one, we suggest encouraging your buddies to do the same :)

Well, we are not sure what the VITAband is made of, but our best description is that it seems to be a more beefed up version of the bracelets that everyone seems to be using (ex: LIVESTRONG). Regardless of the exact make, it is a comfortable, tough, light weight, water proof material.

In the short time we have had the VITAband, we have truly put it to the test wearing it on rides up to 4 hours and runs up to 2 hours. Comfort doesn't seem to be an issue because you forget it's there.

Put it to Use
When you recieve, your VITAband and purchase your subscription, you then need to setup your ERP (Emergency Response Profile). You can add as much or as little information here as you choose, but our suggestion would be to take a little time and fill out everything. This is why you have the product right? The information includes basic contact information as well as blood type, allergies, insurance information, medications, and emergency contacts. That's it. Now you are all set and hopefully you NEVER have to put this service to use.

In the case of an emergency, medical professionals are trained to look for the number on your VITAband and then would have instant access to your ERP. This could be a life saving feature.

Contactless Payment
This is a new, yet widely adopted technology, that allows you to make a payment by simply waving your chip in front of a credit card terminal. There are mixed reviews on how quickly this technology is spreading. The best way is to visit the VITAband website where you can enter your location information and view merchants that accept this form of payment. You can access that here.

To use the contactless payment with your VITAband, you must first setup a VITAband Visa Prepaid card. Notice this is a PrePaid card, not a credit card. So no need to worry about your credit here. Once complete, you will receive the "chip" that goes into your VITAband as well as a regular card (for some reason this is required by Visa). After that, you simply fund the prepaid card and you are ready to go.

We live and ride in a rather rural area and have had decent results at finding contactless payment merchants. Only time will tell how fast the technology is adopted.

Please note that you do not have to utilize the contactless payment feature with your VITAband, but it does set it apart from others.


TriBomb Bottom Line
A "stylish" way to wear your Vital medical information and your "wallet" on your wrist. In a very non-George Costanza kind of way.


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