K-Swiss K-Ona
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A top of the line set of kicks that are lightweight and comfy.


A few more pairs in our closet. Half sizes above size 12 for those of us who have Shaq feet.


A versatile shoe that is equally adept for training or racing. Definitely one of our FAVES.

Detailed Review

Unless you have been living under a rock the last couple of years, you have probably noticed that K-Swiss has made a major push into the triathlon world. At TriBomb we are glad they decided to make that push because some great shoes have come as a result. One of our staff favorites is the K-Swiss K-Ona.

At only 9 ounces the K-Ona is lightweight enough to wear for any distance training run or race situation.

The lack of weight does not equate to a lack of comfort by any means in our opinion. In fact, we feel that this shoe is very balanced when it comes to weight vs comfort. We have logged a ton of miles in this shoe and even long runs are not only doable but downright enjoyable...as much as possible at least.

The cushioning of this shoe just feels right. It's not marshmallow soft to the point of feeling unstable nor is it bone rattling stiff. We'd describe the feel of this particular model as firm, stable and responsive. Comfort is subjective of course, but we think K-Swiss has done a good job of building a shoe that a wide variety of people can wear.

Another thing we like about the K-Ona is the seamless interior of the shoe. This comes in very handy when running sans socks, which is often the case in triathlon. We have comfortably raced up to half-marathon distance in the K-Ona without issue. However, we opted for socks in longer training runs and for the marathon of Ironman distance races for a little extra protection.

Additional features you'll appreciate are the addition of drain holes in the soles of the shoes and more than adequate ventilation. The last thing anyone needs to have is the extra weight of sweat or water from an aid station sloshing around in their shoes mile after mile of a long run or race. The K-Ona has several drain holes that run the length of the sole to allow that dreaded extra weight an escape route. As for ventilation, the K-Ona serves up a nice mix mesh construction and perforations in the heel and toe for good air flow.

In our tests we found the K-Ona to hold up very well. We have used the K-Ona daily in our training sessions and they hold up as good or better than most. You'll probably want to ditch these shoes due to mileage long before you'll see any type of structural problem.

The K-Ona feels true to size. K-Swiss provides a nice size chart that you can print to double check if you feel your size is in question.

Price Range
The K-Ona is priced very competitively among triathlon running shoes. We think this shoe is a good value for the money you'll have to fork over to own a pair.

TriBomb Bottom Line
A sweet ride with added features that triathletes will love.


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