First Endurance PreRace
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A potent, very potent, powder based stimulant that is intended to give you that extra "boost" for your event.


To be offered in a capsule form for a more convenient way consume PreRace throughout longer events. (Evidently, we were not the first ones to want this, as there is already prototype capsules floating around). Dear FE, please send us some samples ASAP!


An excellent alternative to the age old coffee boost that comes with a few extra ingredients to really get you focused.

Detailed Review

First Endurance has entered a new category in the ever growing nutritional supplement market targeted for endurance athletes. PreRace is designed to be consumed before your event to give you an extra edge on the competition. We have been testing this product since it's inception, which was several years ago.

First Endurance went a step (or a couple actually) further than just trying to replace that Cup o' Joe you are used to before the race. Along with caffeine, you are also getting some other ingredients that help with mental focus, time to exhaustion, and cardiac output. All of which are very hard to measure, even in clinical studies. If you are looking for those details, I'm sure you can spend a few solid days reading on PubMed to form your own opinion. So, we aren't going to get into that, instead we will just tell you our experience and thoughts on this product.

From the moment you first try PreRace, the "boost" you feel from this product is very noticeable. We are not talking about all the above claims, just the general feeling of "being ready to go". There is no placebo effect with this feeling, you will have just consumed at least 200mg of caffeine, which is almost double that of a normal cup of coffee.

Obviously, as with any supplement, you'll want to test this product and its effects on you in training before making the leap to race day. We also recommend that you use PreRace in a race day situation (B or C priority race of course) before you go full bore at an "A priority" type event. Pre-race nerves can have a pretty substantial effect on your tolerance for certain supplements, so proceed with caution.

That being said, if you are regular coffee drinking you probably won't have any trouble with PreRace but do your home work. We suggest trying less than the recommended full scoop for your first venture, possibly even half a scoop to get a feel for this product. In fact several athletes (Michael Lovato being one) have stated that a half a scoop is plenty to get their motor revving a little faster on race day.

One thing that is apparent is the desire to be able to use PreRace throughout long distance events (they might have to change the name). We have mainly limited our use of PreRace to sprints with the fear of "fading". It is a known fact that once you start caffeine, you don't want to quit until you are ready to quit altogether. Currently, in it's powder only form, it can be consumed for a longer event, but it is not easy. You would need to have it in your bottles on the bike (which is not a big deal) and also have a bottle for the run mixed up as well. This is why we are excited for the capsule version of PreRace to be released as it will offer an easy way to stay "buzzed" throughout the longer events.

Nutritional Information

Once again, you aren't going to find a TriBomb review on any nutritional product filled with scientific information or clinical trials. We are here to give you our opinion on testing the products in the real world in a real environment (the race course).

TriBomb Bottom Line
A good product for providing that extra kick that we all want come race day. If your engine can handle rocket fuel...we say go for it!


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