Arundel Dave-O Bottle Cage
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A super light, super sturdy carbon bottle cage.


More people to ditch the contraptions and use this cage for a between the bars setup.


An excellent all around bottle cage that is our "go to" choice for an aero bar setup.

Detailed Review

Wait, don't stop... Yeah, it's a review on a bottle cage. But, we will keep it short and interesting (well, as interesting as a bottle cage can be). You also might learn a new (or old for some people) trick for carrying your bottle on your TT bike.

Note: There are cheaper alternatives to achieve a similar setup which we will cover in a later review.

Arundel is cool little bike accessory company with a laid back attitude and a simple mission of "coming up with some cool bike equipment that people want to buy". The Dave-O bottle cage (named after one of the founders... you guessed it, Dave) was the companies first products. They made the first 500 in a friend's carbon plant and have since sourced the manufacturing out to China in order to make the cages more affordable. Now, the offer 9 color options to make sure you get the perfect accent for your frame color.

The Dave-O is not the companies lightest bottle cage even though it tips the scales at 30 grams. The cages are made of a compression mold where layers of fabric are carefully placed and then heated. Out of the oven comes a very sturdy cage. Some of Arundel's test cages were in the 18-22 gram range, but they were experiencing some problems with ejecting bottles. So, they added a little more material in order to add more functionality, which brings us to our next point.

The cages work great on your seat tube and down tube, but let's be honest, most cages do. We think this cage makes for a perfect solution for a between the aero bars setup for several reasons:

- Lightweight and Sturdy
- Very Solid design that keeps bottle from ejecting
- Easy in and out with the bottle which is important in this position
- The shape or design of the cage allows for easy mounting to your bars

It can be easily mounted with 4 zip tie straps. (see image below) The only problem you could run into with mounting, is if your bars are too far apart. Read that again or let me state it another way. If the cage can't be tied to your bars, then your bars are too far apart. Please adjust and then come back to this article.

Below you can see some pictures of one setup and how nicely the cage sits with the bars.

Price Range
The Dave-O isn't the cheapest cage out there, but it's certainly not the most expensive. How's that for helpful? :)

TriBomb Bottom Line
If you have a little extra money burning a hole in your pocket and are looking for a great solution for a between the aero bars setup, the Dave-O is the way to go.


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