Foggle Wipes
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An individually wrapped anti-fog wipe.


A resealable package.


A convenient, super packable way to keep your goggs free from fog.

Detailed Review

Yes, it's an anti-fog review. Not the most exciting product on the market, but hey, they can't all be. Besides, IF it works, it's worth a little space on our site, and in your transition bag, if it doesn't work then we'll tell you...Deal?

OK, so it's not the most glamorous part of your geeked out triathlon equipment list, but a good anti-fog product can certainly help to get your race day off on the right foot. Those of us who have had the "pleasure" of feeling our way through an open water swim because we can't see two feet in front of our faces can attest...pretty important detail.

Foggle anti-fog/cleaning towelettes by SBR Sports are individually wrapped wipes designed to keep your swims fog free. Reminiscent of an alcohol wipe (maybe that's what it is) for your goggles or swim mask (if you dare to wear one of those ridiculous things).

We had the best results with these wipes using them right before heading down to the swim. Give them a good wipe down and just let them air dry. We like to give them an additional wipe down after the first application dries. Not sure if it's necessary, but if it ain't broke don't fix it...Right? A couple of wipe downs and you should be good to go, just be sure not to rinse them off when you get down to the water.

SBR Sports claims that you can get 5-6 applications out of one wipe, if you can keep it in an airtight place. A nice touch would be a resealable package so that you can actually keep it in such a place. We just use 'em and toss 'em so we couldn't tell you. We can tell you that one towelette should be plenty for you and a couple of buddies to "get your foggle on" or off actually, depending on how you want to look at it.

Sure there are other "solutions" for this problem, spit, liquid soap, and anti-fog drops just to name a few, but the real beauty of these little wipes is come race day you have a super convenient de-fogger that actually works, at your disposal.

We also like the fact that there's no potentially messy liquids to leak into your transition bag. Foggle anti-fog cleaning towelettes are a convenient way to carry an all-in-one anti-fog solution, without having to carry an actual solution at all. Mainly, we like the convenience of it come race day. Throw a couple in the transition bag and forget about it.

We choose to save these wipes for race day, not that they won't work for daily use but we don't really feel it's necessary for daily pools swims. Plus, if you used them everyday it could get a little expensive, not to mention inconvenient if you have to order them online. We like them more for the open water "hey I need to be able to see where the hell I'm going and I don't have time to stop kind of situation".

Our actual tests with these wipes were done in race day situations in a variety of weather conditions. Our results were very good, at Ironman Texas, one of the most humid places on the planet, we used the Foggle wipes and our goggles stayed fog free for the entire swim. Several other races throughout the season produced similar results, cold water or warm, our goggles stayed fog free.

Price Range
Cheap, and even cheaper in bulk. Well under a buck per package.

TriBomb Bottom Line
Works for us. A wipe a day keeps the fog away.


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