K-Swiss Blade Light Race
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A lightweight shoe designed to get you out of T2 as quickly as possible.


We would love the option of "sole selection" where you could pick different soles based on your running style.


A great idea, but the sole and general fit of the shoe limits it to certain run types.

Detailed Review

The K-Swiss Blade Light Race weighs in at 8.9 ounces, which puts it on the heavy end of the light weight category for racing shoes.

The K-Swiss Blade Light Race is one of the few shoes that is designed specifically with triathletes in mind. From the over sized loop on the heel of the shoe to the single Velcro strap, the shoe is designed to be put on as quickly as possible in T2. One key feature that is missing here is a loop on the tongue of the shoe, which most of its competitors, as well as some other shoes in the K-Swiss line offer.

The Blade Light Race is built on the K-Swiss Blade sole. The company has put a lot of research, or at the very least, a lot of marketing dollars into this sole. While we at TriBomb LOVE K-Swiss shoes, as that is all we race, train, and recover in, it is our job to write an unbiased review. We have not found comfort running in the Blade Light Race or any of the shoes with the Blade sole. We are not going to go into any of the standard shoe "terminology" of stability, cushioning, etc. To put it simply, this sole seems too soft or "cushiony" (that is a new word we invented) for our running style. Basically, with each step it feels as if a little bit of energy is being left on the ground.

As for the specific fit of the Blade Light Race, we never felt that snug feeling that you want to feel in a running shoe. The single Velcro strap does make it easy to slide on at transition, but not any easier than any pair of shoes with elastic laces. What the Velcro did do for us, was make it impossible to get a good fit. The strap seems to be high up on the top of the foot leaving a lot of wiggle room in the toe box, even for people sporting a wide foot. It might help if the strap was relocated or possibly even the addition of an extra strap similar to cycling shoes to get a more "customized" fit.

When you add the extra cushion from the Blade sole with the wiggle room that the Velcro presented, it just made for an uncomfortable shoe. Please remember that the fit of running shoes is completely subjective, so these shoes may be perfect for you, they just were not for us. If you have specific questions, please use the options below so we can address them.

Most of the K-Swiss running shoes seem to be true to size. If you are having any doubt, you can print their Fit Guide to make certain you are ordering the correct size.

Price Range
The K-Swiss Blade Light Race is priced competitively, as are most K-Swiss running shoes.

TriBomb Bottom Line
While these shoes are not for us, they may be perfect for you. No matter what type of cushioning you prefer, we still feel there are some minor details on this shoe that need to be addressed to make it a good choice.


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