Hincapie Velocity Custom Apparel
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Super nice cycling jersey and bibs that you can make your own with the help of Hincapie Sports custom department.


A slightly more "snug" fit around the belly of the jerseys as well as more compression in the legs of the bibs.


One of the best custom options available for groups with small minimums that are looking for top of the line cycling apparel.

Detailed Review

TriBomb is not a newbie to the custom world as we have been involved in various clubs/teams/groups over the years. Anyone that has had the pleasure (or possibly the displeasure) of wearing custom clothing can tell you that the quality, material, fit, etc. are all over the place. This is why it is very important for groups to do their homework before handing over big bucks for custom apparel.

We have been training and racing in Hincapie Sports custom apparel for over 2 years now. There were many reasons we were intrigued by Hincapie Sports custom line such as the wide range of custom products as well as offering high quality triathlon products (which we will be reviewing soon). It is all too often that you find a company that makes nice cycling apparel, but they either don't offer triathlon apparel or it is a complete joke.

We are combining the Velocity Jersey and Bib Shorts into one review here. The Velocity line is Hincapie Sports top end "race ready" offering.

Velocity Jersey
The Velocity jersey is what we would call an "all around" jersey. By this, we mean it can be worn comfortably in almost any condition. Granted, if it's chilly, you would layer up underneath and if it's hot, well, you wouldn't. It isn't a jersey that has a specialty in other words. You can wear it any time.

The jersey is the same that the BMC racing team has used, if that speaks of it's quality. The bulk of the jersey is made out of Hincapie TourTek fabric (all of these companies seem to have their own creative names for material). Basically, it is a lightweight, soft Lycra with moisture wicking capabilities. The Velocity jersey is a full zip, which we think should be a requirement for all jerseys.

Down the sides of the jersey you will notice a diamond mesh material. It is designed to help regulate temperature and air flow and we feel it does a great job at this. This mesh is also found on the back of the jersey directly below the collar, which is another great area for temperature regulation.

Another really cool feature of the Velocity jersey are the compression band sleeves. This offers a very comfortable way to keep the sleeves snug on your arms instead of flapping in the wind. It also offers a great place to add some extra text for your custom design.

One item to note is that the sleeves on the Velocity jersey are a tad longer than most other jerseys we have worn. However, we still find them quite comfortable.

The Velocity jersey has 3 nice sized rear pockets that prove to be just the right size. They are large enough to hold an extra bottle or whatever normal item you might need for your long ride, but small enough that they don't flap in the wind. The inside of the bottom of the jersey features a gel gripper so that he jersey stays in place and doesn't try to ride up during your... uh, ride.

The material offers SPF 30+ protection along with being designed to wick moisture away from the skin while drying quickly. Once again, we are going to say it does a good job in this department. See the image below where the moisture is clearly on the jersey and not the skin. Well, most of it is on the jersey anyway.

And yes, that white turns right back to white after a good washing.

One last very important note here is that the Velocity comes in Men's and Women's specific cuts. So, this should definitely keep the ladies in the group happy!

The fit of the Velocity jersey is very nice, but we do have a small gripe here. The upper of the jerseys fit very nice and snug with the compression arm bands and the comfy collar. However, when you get to the mid section, just above the belly button, the jerseys seems to be a little loose fitting. Perhaps for the casual cyclists beer belly this is fine, but we all know most triathletes have a borderline anorexic frame, and if they don't, well they probably need to train a tad more and eat a tad less. We want to be clear that it isn't so bad that it flaps in the wind or anything, but it is slightly looser in this section than what we consider a race fit. Then after the loose mid section, the jersey goes back to a race like fit that stays snug and in place around the waist line.

You can find the sizing information below for the Men's and Women's Velocity Jerseys. We would recommend that if you are on the fence between sizes, that you size down.



Hincapie Velocity Bibs
The Velocity Bibs are some of the nicest we have worn, even when compared to other top of the line bibs that do not offer a custom option. The bibs are another item in the Hincapie Sports Velocity line that are worn during training and racing by the BMC racing team.

When you are spending adequate time in the saddle, your bib selection seems to be the most important choice you can make. And when you have to limit that range to custom apparel, then your choices for a high quality bib are dramatically reduced. We feel that the Velocity bib shorts are one of your best options when going the custom route.

We will start from the top and work our way down. The bib straps are a super soft diamond mesh that feels very comfortable, even without a base layer. Once you get going, you will forget the straps are even there.

The bulk of the material of the bibs is AT2 Tour Lycra (another fancy name). Basically this a light weight ployester and lycra combination that produces a durable, sublimation-ready, and comfortable fabric.

Next is the chamois. We all know this is one the items that can make or break a pair of bib shorts. After testing the Velocity bib for numerous 5+ hour rides, we feel confident in saying that the Hincapie Pro Chamois is one of the BEST we have ever worn. It seems that the placement, general shape and construction, as well as the material of the chamois make for a very comfy ride.

Lastly, are the compression leg bands. This is one of our favorite features of the Velocity bibs and also one that we feel many of the top end bibs are missing these days. The leg bands are made with the HIncapie Dimplex Lycra which is claimed to do many things such as reduce drag and improve aerodynamics where the transition from skin to fabric takes place. Since we didn't have a wind tunnel at our disposal, we won't try to justify those claims. However, we can say the compression leg bands just make the bibs super comfortable. You don't have that annoying rubber gripper pulling on your skin, or leg hairs if you forget to shave. They just feel good to put on, and once again it makes for a clean look and an excellent place for the text of your choice on your custom bibs.

Our only complaint with the Velocity bibs is the lack of compression in the legs. Don't get us wrong, it's there, just not at the level that we would like. We feel with extra compression in the legs, this would be the perfect bib.

Unfortunately, these bibs are not offered in Men's and Women's. During our custom order process, Hincapie was quick to suggest another bib specifically for women, which turned out to be quite nice as well.

We feel that the Hincapie collection is true to size and if you have any concern, we would suggest sizing down. Below you will find the sizing for the Velocity Bibs.

Custom Process
We would like to touch on the custom process with Hincapie Sports. If you have ever been directly involved with a custom order from start to finish, then you know it can be a cumbersome process. And a lot depends on the company you are working with.

We have worked with Hincapie Sports on multiple custom orders and have been very impressed with their service throughout the process.

Their minimums are 10 of each item, and in certain circumstances, they might even be flexible on this criteria. If you do a search for the higher end custom options, you will find that a minimum of 10 is very low.

All of the graphic design artists that we have worked with on our kits have been very creative and willing to work with our suggestions. Granted, some are faster than others, but in the end, we always ended up with a design we were completely satisfied with.

Another factor in the custom process is delivery date. There is not anything more frustrating than being told you will have your order by a date, only to receive an email that it is delayed. In our experiences, Hincapie has always delivered on or before the date promised, which makes for a very happy customer!

Price Range
High quality custom apparel can be an expensive investment. However, the Hincapie Sports Velocity line offers a top notch range of apparel for a very moderate price.

TriBomb Bottom Line
While there are a few other options for high quality custom apparel, if you have a smaller group, we would highly recommend the Hincapie Sports Velocity line.


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