Saucony AMP PRO2 Clothing
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A new slant on training apparel incorporating the latest in high tech fabrics.


More compression, it's there, we would just like a little more.


Overall some nice gear, we really like the shorts for long runs. If you buy into the idea of the added benefits of the special fabric then you will have to buy in to a pretty hefty price tag as well.

Detailed Review

The AMP PRO2 line from Saucony includes activity specific apparel for training as well as several recovery products. This line includes the benefits of compression along with some high tech material that you very well may not have ever even heard of.

The AMP PRO2 training gear is a nice addition to your training apparel closet. We like to use the training short as a base layer under our run shorts. We suppose you could just run in them without a "top coat", but you probably shouldn't, they don't leave much to the imagination down there.

Out back Saucony gives you a zippered rear pocket, which is a nice touch, and a great place to stash a key or other small item when you're out pounding the pavement.

We paired the AMP PRO2 shorts with the short sleeve training shirt to have the complete package. The AMP PRO2 training shirt is not our favorite running shirt by any means, but it does offer some compression, if that is what you are after.

The training shirt fits like any other compression shirt, tight, but it isn't uncomfortably tight. The sleeves on the shirt are longer than normal shirts, we suppose for increased compression throughout the arms. You can see from the images the length of the sleeves.

We did notice the shirt tends to "ride up" a tad as you run due to the tightness. If you had a belly hanging over, it would probably prevent this, although a better solution might be some type of gripper on the inside of the bottom of the shirt.

Generally, compression shirts are not our first choice to run in, since the lower body is taking the bulk of the beating. However, if you feel the need to sport the compression shirt, this one would definitely match your AMP PRO2 shorts. Seriously, it is a comfortable compression shirt, we just don't know if it's worth the price tag.

The material department is where this apparel differs from pretty much any other clothing that we have come across. The AMP PRO2 line of products features a Celliant Polyester material in varying percentages to give us the latest in "Star Trek-esque" technology driven apparel.

So what is Celliant anyway? Glad you asked, the following is from the Celliant website, if that's not enough information, you can check out for more.

Celliant is the world's first and only technical performance fiber that is clinically proven to enhance oxygen levels in the body. Increased oxygen levels have been proven to relieve pain, promote quicker healing, heighten athletic performance, improve sleep quality and improve overall wellness. Celliant fiber is specially formulated to be knit or woven into a wide range of apparel and bedding products.

Celliant is a technology that modifies visible and infrared light, recycling them into energy that the body can use more effectively. When Celliant is worn as clothing, or placed near the body (like in a bed liner or a blanket), it redirects this recycled energy back to the body increasing blood flow and blood oxygen levels in the tissue.

Celliant effectively modifies both visible and infrared light so it does not need to be exposed to a light source to function. The increased blood flow and blood oxygen levels in the tissue help muscles and joints combat stiffness, soreness and edema caused by aging, injury or arthritis. Many satisfied users have described the effects of better oxygenation in the body. More recently, the beneficial effects of Celliant fabric materials have been measured in a series of clinical studies among diabetics and healthy subjects.

That all sounds fantastic if it actually works but we're not sure exactly how you would test this technology in the real world. We can't honestly tell you that we felt X % better in our training because of this material. It's not that we're necessarily calling BS on the science of it all but we have no real way to quantify it for you. That being said, we can say that the AMP PRO2 has enough compression to help stabilize muscles and provide a bit of support for your training. As far as the Celliant goes if it does what it claims then we consider it an added bonus to some nice training apparel.

There are clinical studies that have shown Celliant's ability to improve oxygen levels in the body (which has obvious benefits) as well as relieve pain. We think, based on our limited knowledge of the material, it might be even better suited for use in recovery products. Not that these benefits aren't desirable in training gear, but given that you typically would/could wear recovery products for a much longer duration (like sleeping in recovery tights) it seems like a natural fit.

Saucony seems to think the recovery aspect is a viable place for this technology as well and they have a range of products designed with recovery in mind. (and we are working on that for a future review)

The AMP PRO2 training apparel is very comfortable. The material is lightweight, soft and breathable. The seams are flat and haven't given us any trouble in the rub department. The garments also feature a Microban antimicrobial protection to help keep you funk free.

We found the cut and length of the shorts to be pretty much spot on to our liking. Several long runs have proven to be quit enjoyable while sporting these shorts. In fact, we find ourselves searching them out before all our long runs.

So far no problems to report in this department. We've had the AMP PRO2 stuff a relatively short time so we will have to update the durability at a later date. However, construction and overall quality seems to be quite good.

The fit of the AMP PRO2 training gear is good and we feel that it runs true to size. If you are border line on the shorts size down.

Price Range
Definitely at the upper end of training apparel. The technology of the Celliant is no doubt reflected in the price.

TriBomb Bottom Line
Certainly some nice training apparel. Quality seems very good as does performance and fit. We're not sold on the addition of Celliant to these clothes. Given the price we feel a good pair of compression shorts and shirt would provide similar results at half the price.


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