Saucony Cortana
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A lightweight daily trainer designed to promote a more natural running style.


Mainly less stitching in the toe box for more sockless comfort, and a tad stiffer ride.


We feel this shoe is a good choice for anyone looking for a well rounded daily trainer.

Detailed Review

One of the latest shoes to arrive at TriBomb is the Saucony Cortana. We've been testing this shoe for several weeks now and we have really enjoyed this shoe. The Cortana is the newest daily trainer in the Saucony line up and it's a nice one. It's pretty light (10.7 oz.), nice and airy, and has a decent mix of cushion and comfort.

Overall, a very comfortable shoe, now that we have sufficient mileage on the Cortana we have no problem recommending it for your short list of daily trainers.

The upper which features Saucony's Comfortride sockliner is plenty soft enough for sockless running. Saucony uses an open cell foam sockliner for a smooth interior, it's also antimicrobial to keep funkiness to a minimum. Another nice touch with this upper is what Saucony calls the Hydrator Collar Lining. It's basically a super soft material with some beefed up thickness where the shoe contacts the skin of the ankle area (visible in the picture below) which wicks moisture away from the skin.

The only problem that we have experienced going sans socks is in the area just above the toes. There seems to be a lot of things coming together here and a lot of stitching to boot.

The area that actually seems to cause the problem is at the bottom of the eyerow or basically the underside of the Saucony label on the top of the toe box. It's just the left shoe that has "rubbed us the wrong way" but it was enough to cause a blister on the top of one toe. Which is a bummer because other than that, the shoe has given us little to complain about.

Another nice feature of the upper is the mesh construction. This shoe has a "holey-er" than thou attitude and we like it because it's light and airy in there. We live and train in some pretty extreme heat, 100+ degree days are common in the summer months. So far, this shoe has proven to keep its cool, even in our ridiculous temperatures.

We live and train in some pretty extreme heat, 100+ degree days are common in the summer months. So far, this shoe has proven to keep its cool, even in our ridiculous temperatures.

The Ride
Pretty balanced, the shoe has a nice feel to it. We'd call it a fairly responsive, cushioned ride. The cushioning is good and quite comfortable for the most part. It's actually a little softer than we prefer for our running style, but not overly so. It doesn't suffer from the marshmallow effect

that some super cushioned shoes have by any means, but we could do with a little firmer feel and less pronation correction from the inside of the toe of the shoe . This type of correction could cause problems with certain types of runners, so we would recommend easing into this shoe. However, we feel like this shoe will have quite a bit of mass appeal because it does a good job of balancing weight, cushion, and comfort. We really like it for recovery type runs where a little extra cushion is a welcome addition.

Another feature that we really like with this shoe is the lack of drop from the heel to the forefoot of the shoe (no high heeled running please). A very low 4mm heel-to-toe drop, means the foot rides in a more natural position. The design is meant to promote a midfoot strike, and that's exactly what it does. We feel like the Cortana makes it easy to put your best foot forward (sorry, couldn't resist). Seriously, though we think you'll find running in this shoe with better form comes easy, especially if you are transitioning from heel striker status to becoming a more efficient runner.

Price Range
At the upper end of the running shoe spectrum.

TriBomb Bottom Line
The best compliment we can give any shoe is to say that we actually wear it after the review is finished. That's the case with this shoe, we find ourselves reaching for this shoe a couple of times a week, and with all the shoes at our disposal we think that speaks volumes.


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