Profile Design 2012 Products
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Profile Design 2012 New Products

A brief look at some of the new products that Profile Design is bringing to the table.

Detailed First Look

Another spot at Interbike that was of particular interest to us, was the Profile Design booth. Profile Design is a company that always has a focus on the triathlon world and we, of course appreciate companies like that. Profile has several new products coming to the market (and to the TriBomb shop) for 2012 and we are happy to be able to test them out.

First up, the brand new Altair Disc wheel. The perfect compliment to the Profile Design wheel lineup when only a disc will do.

A very cool looking wheel that we can't wait to get our hands on. This wheel has a very flat overall profile, and comes with a QR and brake pads. Profile says the weight will be in the 1300g range.

The new Svet Zero aerobar (top) looks very svelte indeed.

A flat, straight version of the Svet base bar. Weight will be around the 200g mark.

White is nice too!

The Volna in white

Profile Design also had several new hydration products on display. The very new PD version of a hydration belt called the Sync looks like a promising long run companion that features single hand operation and available accessories for your unique individual preferences.

The new Sync on display

This system is very adjustable and you can position the bottles anywhere on the belt. This system uses a clever removable pad on the inside of the belt that allows you infinite adjustability, plus you can add or remove bottle brackets and pouches for a truly customized setup.

The guys at Profile Design also showed us a new front mounted bottle cage setup for a between the bars bottle option. It will be tough to beat our preferred method of a bottle cage and zip ties, but we are up for the challenge.

The system installed. You can use the cage of your choice. The bracket itself will add a measly 75 grams to your setup.

The bottle cage is a snap to install, it simply snaps into the unbreakable resin bracket. As you can see, you will need a traditional round basebar near the stem for the bracket to mount. Those of us with integrated bars/stems will be out of luck for this option.

Another take on the popular Aero Drink style hydration system. The H2Aero uses a patent pending stem bracket (once again, limited to traditional stems) to mount securely to your bike. This frees up the space between the bars that many folks need for computers and such. The H2Aero will hold 36oz of your beverage of choice. It has an ingenious splash and spill free fill system that uses a removable tube in combination with a couple of ping pong balls. Look for the full details in our review.

Stay tuned for more details on these and other products from the Profile Design lineup. We'll have some sneak peaks before many of these products are actually released so that you'll have the scoop when it comes time to open up the wallet.

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